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Manthan Systems

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Manthan Systems

 Manthan Systems produces analytic solutions for global retail organizations.

 Manthan's breakthrough solutions help retailers become more profitable by

improving their decision-making process, practices and technologies.

 Manthan's portfolio of solutions cover the entire spectrum of decision-

making with cutting edge products in retail business intelligence, to
specialized analytics services.

 Manthan’s clientele includes Woolworth, Game Group, Ferre, McDonald’s,

Novartis, Loblaws, Haggen, Supervalu and Castorama.

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Products for Retail Business Intelligence

 ARC Merchandise Analytics

– users can analyse merchandising performance using hundreds of KPIs, across key areas like Sales, Merchandise, Inventory,
Promotions, and Vendors

 ARC Finance Analytics

– bridges this important gap in your analytic capability, by offering you a performance management platform that truly helps control
costs, maximize profitability and boost sales.

 ARC Customer Analytics

– provides the critical platform you need in order to leverage customer loyalty data, sales transaction data, and store data to improve
merchandise planning and tactics.

 ARC Supplier Collaboration & Analytics

– quips you with a comprehensive, portal-based online platform for exchanging information critical to key processes in your retail
business like order management, master data management, vendor performance, inventory management, promotions and rebates
and customer insight.

 ARC Enterprise BI
– comprehensive business intelligence platform

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Customers and Partners

Major Customers Partners

 PRADA (Italy)
 Teradata
 McDonalds (Europe)
 Woolworth (Germany)
 Game (UK)  Netezza
 Haggen (USA)  SAP
 Kmart Auto Tyre Service (Australia)
 Sybase
 Loblaws (Canada)
 Oracle
 Total (India)
 Novartis (Switzerland)

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 Woolworth won the ‘User of the Year’ award‚ presented by 'Computerwoche'

(Computer Week) and Gartner Germany.

 Recognized as one of the fastest growing and dynamic companies in Asia and the
world by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. Manthan was ranked No. 16 in Technology
Fast 50 India 2007 and No. 95 in Technology Fast 500 in Asia Pacific 2007 in a list
of 'Stellar Performers' selected from over 1250 technology companies that
participated in this program.

 Recognitions bagged by Manthan in 2007 including a feature in 'top 5 emerging

companies' recognition in Nasscom Innovation Awards 2007, and a finalist
recognition in Asia Red Herring Asia 100 event in 2007 among more than 600
participating companies.

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Business Intelligence

 Gartner Says Business Intelligence Software Market to Reach $3 Billion

in 2009

 Companies around the world have purchased more than US $40 billion
worth of enterprise applications, including ERP, CRM and HR, during the
past few years

 Gartner's 2006 survey of 1400 Chief Information Officers (CIOs) found

that Business Intelligence was the most highly ranked technology priority
in 2006, with CIOs reporting plans to increase their BI budgets by an
average of 4.8 percent in 2006.

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• Significant inhibitors to the successful deployment and adoption of BI exist. It said that
limited BI skills and competencies, combined with a perceived high total cost of
ownership (TCO) and difficulty in quantifying the direct business benefits of better
performance and improved decision making will continue to hamper adoption.

• The worldwide BI software market will grow at a 7.3 percent compound annual growth
rate (CAGR) for this period, while the smaller and emerging markets of Latin America
and the Asia/Pacific region are forecasted to significantly exceed the worldwide growth
rate, at 11.3 percent and 13.6 percent respectively. North America, Western Europe
and Japan are expected to see growth slightly below the worldwide rate of between 6.4
and 6.9 percent as organizations rationalize past purchases.

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 Ito-Yokado

 The Daiei

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 Bharti-Walmart

 Future Group

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 Woolworths Ltd

 Wesfarmers (Coles Group Ltd)

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Marketing - Cross-Channel Executive Summit 2009
[South Carolina, USA]

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Retail IT Summit [London, UK]

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18th National Retailers Conference & Stores Asia
Expo (NRCE) 2009 [Philippines]

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Retail Technology Conference 2008 [Las Vegas,

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ReTechCon 2008 [Hyderabad, India]

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Sales Process

 Finding customers
 Preparing
 Relationship building
 Product offering
 Offer clarification
 Securing the purchase
 Maintaining the relationship

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Thanks to……

– Mr. Vikas Gupta, CTO, Manthan systems..

(the person standing at the right)

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