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About Company
One of the most popular companies in the
HVAC industry is Centrum Klima S.A. The
company was founded in 1995. By this
time it gained many satisfied and trusted
clients, and with their help has built a
strong position on the market. The
headquarters, warehouses and halls are
located in Wieruchw near Warsaw.
Centrum Klima specializes in the
production and distribution of heating,
ventilation and air-conditioning systems.
Its designs are used in residential and
commercial purposes but also for raising
the standard of already existing facilities.
The company offers a wide range of
products insulation materials, ventilation
dampers, actuators and mounting
materials for air conditioners.

We offer products from the following categories:
What distinguishes our company?
One of the strongest factors that makes our
products popular among polish customers
is its quality, thanks to which they are also
known on almost 40 foreign markets.
Centrum Klima runs
several tests and
certification processes,
which guarantee that
our clients will receive
only perfect ventilation
Technology that we use during
the production processes, relies on
the solutions from Swiss, German
and Italian manufacturers.
Thanks to that our
ventilation system
is characterised by
high quality.
Therefore Centrum
Klima is currently
one the most
advanced machine
parks in Europe.
Warehouse. Centrum Klima has one
of the largest warehouses with a total
area of 6000m2. The high system
storage allows to perform most orders
in a short time.
Air Tightness. Another feature that
distinguishes Centrum Klima is increased
air tightness which confirms the
accuracy of our production process.
We are proud that the International
Swedcert awarded our ducts and fittings
a D class air tightness certificate that is a
prove that they meet all requirements
within EN 12237:2005.

Hard work and high
quality of products
made by Centrum Klima
was awarded with
a high place among the
leaders in the market.
The company has won
many prestigious prizes
and is doing everything
to constantly raise the
standard of its services.
We are proud!

Wieruchw, Sochaczewska 144 street,
05-850 Oarw Mazowiecki, POLAND
phone: (+48 22) 250 50 50
fax: (+48 22) 250 50 60


Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.