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Types of Business Letter

Let's take look at the most common types of business letters:

1. Acknowledgement Letter : This type of letter is written when you
want to acknowledge some one for his help or support when you
were in trouble. The letter can be used to just say thanks for
something you have received from some one, which is of great help
to you.

2. Apology Letter : An apology letter is written for a failure in
delivering the desired results. If the person has taken up a task and
he fails to meet the target then he apologizes and asks for an
opportunity to improve in this type of letter.

Business Letter

Business letter is an old form of official correspondence. A business
letter is written by an individual to an organization or an organization
to another organization. Business letters are written for various
purposes. One writes a letter to enquire information, apply for a job,
acknowledge someone's work, and appreciate one's job done, etc.

As the motive of writing the letter is different, the style of the letter
changes and you get different types of business letters. The various
types of business letters are used by different people to serve their
purpose of sending the message across.

3. Appreciation Letter : An appreciation letter is written to appreciate
some one's work in the organization. This type of letter is written by a
superior to his junior. An organization can also write an appreciation
letter to other organization, thanking the client for doing business
with them.

4. Complaint Letter : A complaint letter is written to show one that an
error has occurred and that needs to be corrected as soon as
possible. The letter can be used as a document that was used for
warning the reader.

5. Inquiry Letter : The letter of inquiry is written to inquire about a
product or service. If you have ordered a product and yet not
received it then you can write a letter to inquire when you will be
receiving it.
6. Order Letter : This letter is as the name suggests is used for
ordering products. This letter can be used as a legal document to
show the transaction between the customer and vendor.
7. Letter of Recommendation : This type of letter is written to
recommend a person for a job position. The letter states the positive
aspects of the applicant's personality and how he/she would be an
asset for the organization. Letter of recommendation is even used for
promoting a person in the organization.
The parts of a business letter are as follows:

1. Sender's address
2. Date
3. Inside address
4. Attention line
5. Salutation
6. Body of the letter
7. Complimentary close
8. Signature
9. Enclosures
1. Sender's address is usually given in the letterhead, but if there
is none, the address can be typed in the top right- or left-hand
corner of the letter.

2. The date is written below the sender's address. The month is
usually not written out as numbers it could be confusing
(different sequences):
20 December 2004 20th December, 2004

3. The inside address begins with the name of the company or if
you know the name of the person you are writing to you can
begin with his / her name. Courtesy titles are used before
names: Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Messrs, M.Sc, Dr, Prof., Capt., Maj.,
Col., Gen.
Abbreviations may be used with or without a fullstop, but
we must remain consistent throughout our
The address can also begin with a job title or a department
(if you do not know the name): The Sales Manager, The
Accounts Department.
The items that follow are:
- the name of the house or building
- the number of the building and the name of the street
- the name of the town and the postcode
- the name of the country

4. Attention line is an alternative to putting the recipient's name in the
5. The salutations are as follows:
- Dear Sir to a man whose name you do not know
- Dear Sirs /Gentlemen to a company
- Dear Madam to a woman whose name you do not know
- Dear Sir or Madam to a person whose name and gender
you do not know
- Dear Mr Smith to a person whose name you know, but you do
not know the person very well
- Dear John to a person you know well

6. The body of the letter is usually written in the blocked style. A line of
space is left between the paragraphs.
7. The complimentary close is related to the salutations:
- If the letter begins Dear Sir / Sirs / Madam / Sir or Madam, the
complimentary close should be Yours faithfully
- If the letter begins with a personal name, e.g. Dear Mr James, it
should be Yours sincerely
- A letter to someone you know well may end with Best wishes.
A comma after the complimentary close is optional.

8. Signature always type your name and possibly your job title
below your handwritten signature (the so called signature block).

9. Enclosures If there are any documents enclosed with a letter,
although they might be mentioned in the body
Business Letter Sample
Resignation from Current Employment

Mr. Muhammad Faisal Meer
Junior Clerk WECHS
Plot No. 608 Block No. 2
Sector D-1 Township,

Subject: Resignation from Service

Reference Your application dated 10.05.2006 regarding resignation from
service. Please be informed that you are required to deposit one month`s pay with the
Society in lieu of one month`s notice as required vide clause 4 of your appointment
letter No. 08026/12-A/29 dated 26.05.2006.

You are absent from duty since 10.05.2005 hence you will not be entitled to get salary
for the month of May, 2005.

Cc to : Accounts Branch for Information & Master File.

Letter of Termination from Employment

Director of Cultural Affairs
34, Mustafa town,
July 15, 20

Mr. Muhammad Ayub,
Assistant superintendent,
Directorate of Cultural Affairs,

Sub: Dismissal From The Post of Asstt. Superintendent.

It is to inform you that a meeting of the committee, constituted to look into the charges
of misappropriation of money and leaking of official information against you Mr. Muhammad Ayub
was held yesterday. The Committee also considered you reply to the charge sheet served to you.
The committee found your explanation completely unsatisfactory.

The committee also interviewed other employees of the Directors and from their investigation,
your charge has been established beyond doubt. You were given a chance last year to improve
yourself, but you went on with your corrupt ways.

I am, therefore, constrained to dismiss you from the post of Asst. Superintendent with
immediate effect. According to service conditions, your employer may either given you a one month
notice to quit or may dismiss you with immediate effect giving you one month`s salary. The
Committee has chosen the letter alternative. You may, therefore, collect one month`s salary in
addition to your wagers due for the previous month.

Interview Letter for the Post of Mechanical Engineer
Godrej Engineering Works,
12 G.T. Road,
August 21, 20

Mr. George,
13-Bund Road,

Dear Mr. George,

This is with reference to your application for the post of a mechanical engineer.

You are requested to appear for an interview for the said post, on 1st September, 19 at 10:30 a.m in the
office of the undersigned.

You will be paid first class railway fare (both ways) from your city to Vilnius. For claiming the fare, you will
have to produce the ticket or the railway money receipt.

Please bring with you, your certificate and testimonials in original for verification.
Yours sincerely,
for Godrej Engg. Works,