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• Introduction to Manpower
• Marketing Strategy
• Service Quality & Satisfactions
Manpower Vietnam

• Establish in January 2008

• First 100% foreign invested HR
company in Vietnam
– Permanent Recruitment
– Business Solutions
 Recruitment Process Outsourcing
 Outsourcing
– HR Consulting
Target Market

• International clients in Vietnam

• Vietnamese-owned enterprises are in
need of international standard human

• Premium headhunting service
provider in Vietnam.
 Focusing on hunting management
position with net salary over 800

• Direct method
 Manpower’s employees advertise its
services at many MBA Courses with
promotion gifts.
• Online advertising
 Posting vacancy advertisement on
competitors’ website.
 Twitter, Link-in
 Online HR forum
• Print paper with high frequency
• Sponsor HR training course co-
organized with Ministry of Labor.
Successful or not?

• 94 clients in a short-time
• 50 top-level management positions


• Fast-track programs to build up

source of talent candidates.
• Multisites
Superior quality and satisfaction

Process Bring to clients:

Reduce costs and time Interview
Recruitment High-quality applicants
HR solution and consultancy Assess
sourcing Train
Professional and responsive
staffs: knowledge, innovation
Screening Match

Hiring Bring to candidates: Follow up

Good jobs and opportunities
On- Helps on CV, job search, Reward &
boarding interview tips, references Recognize
Superior quality and satisfaction

Reliability when matching clients and candidate

Process Candidate
Understanding company
company culture
culture Search & Pre
Search Screen
& Pre-Screen
Understanding recruitment
recruitment needs
needs Intensive test & interview
Assignment profile Employee profile
Assignment profile Employee profile

Assurance when follow up the result

Customer follow-up Guarantees Candidate follow-up

Manpower’s tools and techniques to
measure the high quality level of service

Towards customers’ satisfaction:

• Input results of surveys and evaluation into a system and
generate into final result (update always)
• Interview directly customers about the service that Manpower
Towards customers’ quality:
• Provide clients with best-timing recruitment process: Normal
recruitment takes 27 hours and 40 mins, but with Manpower’s
service it takes only 3 hours and 45 mins.
• Provide full recruitment service (from end to end): Clients
only involve in 2nd interview and making final decision on
Key challenges to Manpower

Quality of Clients do not fully Competition

Vietnamese aware of Manpower from other
candidates to services in HR company: eg:
match with consultancy, solution Navigos Group
international (not only recruiter) or HR2B

Solutions to Manpower

Enhance Approach and market Promote

networking activity full service to clients marketing
to appoarch activities to
potential applicants compete