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P4 model

Planet,Probity The four
cornerstones of
sustainable success in any
modern business venture &
a maxim for todays
management &
organisational philosphy.
This model is not a
process or technique its
the character or
personality of a good
Probity means honesty, uprightness,-its
from the Latin word Probus , meaning
Purpose is an apt replacement for profit
& thus makes the acronym appropriate
for use in not-for-profit organizations.
Profit-focused corporations can of course
substitute 'Profit' for 'Purpose'
People staff,customers,suppliers,e.t.c
Planet the environment we live in
P4 Model
Traditional inward-looking
management and managerial
skills (which historically
considered only the purpose -
typically profit - and the
methods for achieving it) are no
longer sufficient for
sustainable organizational
success. Organizations have a
far wider agenda today.
Moreover, performance,
behaviour and standards are
transparent globally - the whole
world can see and judge how
managers and organizations
behave - and the modern
manager must now lead with
this global accountability.
Love the Difficult People
You should have the heart
to love the difficult
people.This is again a
learnable skill .Learn to
understand & help people
with different
responsible in the way you
treat others.You cannot
choose how people treat
you ,but you can choose
how you respond to them.
Understanding Different
Personalities :-
The Sherman tank :- These
people intimidate others
because of their I am right
,you are wrong attitude.They
are hostile & aggressive &
people are ready to fight
with them because tanks are
insensitive & hard to reason
To deal with them first
consider this persons
influence & the issue at
hand.If the issue is not
worth fighting over , do not
confront them about it.
Neverthless, if a
confrontation is unavoidable ,
be direct & meet the specific
issues head-on
The Space Cadet
These people live in their own
world.They do not respond to
motivations & frustation is the
normal feeling which you get
when working with these
people.While working with
them, do not evaluate your
leadership by their
response.Infact do not ask
their opinion about something
because chances are that you
will just get an off-the-wall
answer.Similarly do not place
them in teams or positions of
leadership because they are
incapable of determining the
heartbeat of
others.Nonetheless do not
consider them a lost
cause.They are often
extremely intelligent & creative
& they usually work best
alone.Just find the key to
their uniqueness and capitalize
on it.
The Volcano
These people tend to be
unapproachable because
of their explosive
,unpredictable personality
types.In dealing with
Volcanos, calmness is the
key.Try to get the facts
straight & minimize
exaggrerations or
eliminate hearsays from
the conservation.Then
give them a soft, clear
answer & hold them
accountable for the things
they say and the people
they hurt
The Thumb Suckers
This people are full of self
pity.These people are
moody &
manupulating.make them
aware that moodness is a
choice & they can change
all that if they choose to
do so.It may also help if
you can expose them to
people who have real
problems.Never give them
the opportunity to exhibit
their negative attitude
publicly.Ignore them when
they are pouting.
The Wet Blanket
These people are the classic
negative thinkers.They are
always down and find
problems in everything.they
are excuse makers.To deal
with such people ,it is
important that you do not
provide them the opportunity
to make excuses.Kindly ,yet
firmly tell them that their
attitude is a hinderance in
the groups progress.
The Garbage Collector
These people have totally
surrendered their lives to
negative emotions.In handling
them confront them about the
way they try to represent
other people.When they tell you
about the many people who feel
that way too,ask them to name
names.This one question takes
out the Stink in their
declarations because it usually
boils down to one or two
individuals who share their
affinity for garbage.This makes
them realize that their
statements are mere
generalizations &
A Strict No No Activities :-
Yelling on someone :-
Yelling at your team
members is a strict
no no for any manager
Pass the Buck
Dont pass the buck to
your team members.
Try to take
responsibility if
something failed
instead of imposing it
on others
Dont be jack of all trades
Delegate work. Your
employees will
welcome the chance
to show what they are
capable of.
management is not
rocket science.
management skill is a
learning technique.