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What is a Goal ?

“Point marking end of race;

object of effort or ambition; destination;...”

It is a specific, measurable occurrence,

object, or accomplishment
that one would like to achieve, or obtain
in the future and develops
a concrete action plan to achieve it.
The difference between a Goal and
a mere dream lies in

What differentiates a Goal
from a mere Desire / Dream?
The difference between a dream
and a goal is

What hinders from setting a Goal?

 Fear of failure
 Fear of success
 Fear of rejection
 Lack of ambition
 Postponement mentality
 Ignorance of importance of Goal
 Ignorance of the steps to reach a goal
Basis of setting a Goal -1
 On the basis of time

Short term Middle term

Less than an years time 1to 3 years time

Long term
Up to 5 years
Basis of setting a Goal -2

Mental Family

Basis for

Spiritual Physical

Characteristics of
well-constructed goals
“To construct useful and
meaningful goals ~
use the SMART method.”

Specific - Goal should not be vague

…it should be clearly defined
Measurable- Goal should be verifiable -
in the terms of achievement
Achievable- Goals should be on par with your
capabilities - not too high or too low
Reachable- Goals should be realistic not
Time Bound – Goals should not be open ended,
- should have a fixed dead line
Elements of good action plan
• Step 1: Choose a Goal
• Step 2: Intensify your Desire to Achieve
your Goal
• Step 3: Develop a Strong Belief That
You Can Achieve
• Step 4: Write Your Goal very descriptively
• Step 5: Break Your Goal Down To Mini-Goals &
Define Your Tasks for Every Mini-Goal
• Step 6: Set a Deadline for Your Goal
• Step 7: Evaluate
How to Reach Any Goal:
4 T.I.P.S.

T - Think it through
I - Imitate others who are successful
P - Practice, practice, more practice
S - Surround yourself with support
GOAL Statement

• Goal statement is a one or two liner statement

that briefs your goal.
• Each goal statement should have 3W’s
Example: “ I will finish ( will - determination),
gathering information for my research paper
( What to do ), by this December (By when)”
Stop Fearing
Become empowered
Fix a goal
Proceed with
proper action plan

……….Success will be yours !!!

Miss Lakshmi Sowmya made a presentation in Telugu
on this topic of Goal Setting on October 4th , 2009 at
the First Sunday Meeting on Personality Development
conducted by Yuvabharathi.

The live recording of her lecture can be heard,

as a part of the proceedings uploaded to: – please search for Prof. V. Viswanadham
and further search for locating :
20091004 dated recording.

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