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Campaign Marketing Communications Plan

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Inform a wide range of alumni about Campaign
priorities and funding needs

Inspire and motivate alumni, parents, and
friends to engage with Cornell and support the

Support efforts to identify and cultivate the
next generation of donors

Celebrate Campaign milestones and promote
progress in reaching our goals
Page 2
Alumni, Parents, and Friends (potential donors)
Tracked prospects
Untracked donors
Young alumni
AA&D staff
Page 3
Audit of previous Campaign materials
Regional focus groups
Preliminary message testing (Case for the
Campaign drafts and discussion paper)

Page 4
Research/Key Findings
Case should be emotional and inspirational,
appeal to both heart and head
Sense of urgency why now?
Look forward, not back
Explain what this Campaign will do and its impact
(measurable outcomes)
Page 5
Research/Key Findings
Cornells distinctive qualities diversity,
any personany study, physical setting,
commitment to need-blind admission and
undergraduate education
Cornell is a leader in serving the world,
importance of land-grant mission (Cornell is the
best place to solve world problems)
Cornell is life changing for alumni, promotes a
can-do attitude where anythings possible
Page 6
Any personany study made relevant to the 21st
The Campaign will enable Cornell to be the leading
research university committed to undergraduate,
graduate, and professional education and service to
the citizens of the world
Page 7
Educating tomorrows leaders (undergraduate,
graduate, professional student aid and support)
Faculty excellence (recruitment and retention)
Collaborative culture (interdisciplinary programs
and facilities)
Strategic research investments
- Life Sciences, Computing & Information Science,
Sustainability, Humanities
Campaign Priorities
Page 8
Develop and deliver messages and materials that are:

Print-on-demand: customize communications for
prospective donors
Page 9
Short-term (year one)
Promote Campaign launch; begin creating
widespread awareness of Campaign goals and
priorities; emphasis on tracked prospects

Build momentum, extend message reach and
penetration and saturate the market
More carefully target messages and media to
new prospects and other critical audience
segments, respond to evolving Campaign
needs and shifting priorities
Page 10
Plan and execute principal marketing
communications materials and activities

Campaign case statement
College, unit, and priority case brochures
Other collateral (annual giving, endowment,
gift planning)
Fact sheets
Campaign website
Campaign video/DVD
Kick-off and Campaign events

Page 11
Leverage existing communications vehicles

Communique magazine
Cornell e-News (monthly electronic
Cornell Alumni Magazine
Other AA&D, university, college, and unit
Page 12
Introduce new alumni outreach tools, maximize
use of e-communication

Alumni e-community
giving.cornell (e- catalogue of funding needs)
Cornell Campaign update (annual report)
Strategic broadcast emails
Page 13
Follow-up research
Are we reaching alumni with Campaign messages?

How can we better tailor the messages and media
to impact niche audiences?
Page 14
How will University Communications support
the Campaign marketing communications plan?