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American Colonial Rule: Policy and Governance (1899-


Pres. McKinley created the Schurman Commission
and the Taft Commission

The Impact of American Rule

Education and the School System
Americas greatest achievement in the
Philippine was the introduction of the public
school system.
The oldest university founded under the
Americans was Siliman University in
Dumaguete City, followed by Central
Philippine University in Iloilo City. The
University of the Philippines was founded in
1908 in Manila.

Siliman University
In 1909, Philippine exports amounted to 60.9 million
pesos. In 1910-1914, it rose to 94.7 million pesos. In 1914-
1918, the amount of exports further increased to 177.3
million pesos, and in 1925-1930, the exports amounted to
297.9 million pesos.
In 1901, the Americans created the Board of Public
Health, which later on became a bureau.
Its duties were to construct the people in hygiene
and sanitation and to combat the peoples
ignorance and superstitions which were the
greatest enemies of medicine and public health.
The railway line was likewise extended. In 1903, there
were less than 200 kilometers of railway. In 1935, it rose to
more than 1,000 kilometers. The Manila-Dagupan Railway,
founded during the Spanish period, was acquired by the
government and became the Manila Railroad Company.
Democracy and Civil
The American regime recognized the equality of men
before the law and right of every man to all the
freedoms-freedom of religion, freedom of speech,
freedom of the press, freedom to complain, and
freedom to changes one domicle (a place permanent

Political parties
The parties then had a political platform which
Filipinos learned from the Americans.
In time, the good as well as the bad characteristics
of the political party system in United States were
adopted by the Filipinos.
The result of this system of political parties was the
increase in the knowledge of government machinery
and government affairs by the wealthy and educated
This kind of politics, ironically was deepened during
the time of Governor-General Harrison, when more
Filipinos came to control the lawmaking body and
government bureaucracy.
Language and Literature
McKinley ordered that the English language be made
as the medium of instruction in all public schools.
Some Filipinos began to write in English.
By 1935, many Filipino writers in English distinguished
themselves in poetry, short stories, and essays. A few
wrote dramas and novels. Some of the poems and
short stories of Filipino writers in English were
published in the U.S.
Words like putbol (football), basketbol (basketball),
pawl (foul), boksing (boxing), bistik (beefsteak), kendi
(candy) and many others are now part of the tagalog
Negative Results of
American Rule
The Philippines became dependent exclusively on the
United States to continue prosper economically.
There was no real industrialization in the hands of
Filipino capital.
Our own delicacies and heroes are no longer
appreciated. Filipino people focus about American
Materialistic view of life has weakened the Filipinos
communal spirit towards an individualistic and
consumerist way of life.