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General Campus

Emergency Preparedness
Prepared by:
Mahjoub Labyad, MIS, Public Health Specialist
Environmental Health & Safety Office
Fall 2011
University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
&raining Ob'ectives

Save life and property(

)mprove your preparedness & response*

ensure you are familiar +ith the
procedures in place(

,amiliari-e you +ith possible emergency

scenarios and proper response(

,ulfill regulatory re.uirements for

emergency response planning(
Goal of
Emergency Planning

Save life and property* lessen the impact of

emergencies* and ensure academic and
business operational continuity(

Establish the roles and responsibilities for

personnel responding to incidents(

Establish the importance of the )ncident

Command System(
/hat Constitutes
0n Emergency or a 1isaster2
0n Emergency or a 1isaster is

0ny 5sudden6 event that disrupts the

normal lives of people or normal
operations of a business(
7ecause of its nature* there is an urgent
need for immediate and coordinated
response by trained personnel +ho must
function together in a team effort(
8esponse 0gency &imelines
Call Recd 5 Minutes 1 Hour 1 Day 1 Week
Emergency 9otification
0 te:t messaging system 5&E;&"<6 is used to notify the <=1
community members via Cell"phone follo+ing Emergencies( >ou
may sign up for this free system at
0 &one 0lert 8adios 5&086 to broadcast voice alert messages to the
campus community( 1epending on the situation* information about
the emergency and instructions about ho+ to proceed +ill be given(
&08s are strategically placed throughout campus to ensure
ma:imum coverage(

<=1 Home Page



Public"0lert System Horns 5City & <=16


Bocal 8adio and &C Channels

1epartmental Phone &rees

Emergency 9otification
&ypes of Emergencies

7iological 5bacterial* viral* to:in spills* e:posure*

leaEs* theft* flu"pandemic* influen-a etc((6

Chemical 5spill* e:posure* leaEs * thefts((6 7leach

,ire?e:plosion 5houseEeeping* electrical or


=edical?Personal )n'uries 5+orE* or Health"related

i(e( Heart* 0llergy problems6

&hreats 5bombs* +eapons useF6

/eather 5tornadoes* po+er outages* flooding6

Campus Preparedness
0 number of guidelines are in place to
minimi-e the impact of emergencies(
)t is everyoneHs responsibility to become
familiar +ith the guidelines and
procedures in place* and Eno+ +hat to do
before* during and after an emergency(

Plans & Policies

Emergency Operation Plan


0nne: 8: Pandemic )nfluen-a 8esponse


Contingency Plan for Ha-ardous /aste Generators


8egents of &he <niversity of =innesota Policy on

IEstablishing the 9ational )ncident =anagement
SystemJ at the <niversity

Emergency )nformation 1esE 8eference


7uilding Emergency Evacuation Plan

57EEP6 5http:??+++(d(umn(edu?ehso?beep6

0utomatic E:ternal 1efibrillators 50E16

Program 5http:??+++(d(umn(edu?ehso?0E16

<=1 Chemical Spill Clean up Guide

Guidelines & Procedures
)ndividual Preparedness
0re you prepared2
Have a plan and Eno+ +hat to do
before, during and after an
7efore Emergencies Occur

Conduct a 8isE 0ssessment?Kob Ha-ard

0nalysis to eliminate ha-ards* reduce risE*
mitigate the impact of accidents* and to
ensure the safety of personnel(
( =eans of Egress
2( <se of candles* decorating lights
%( Combustible material storage
3( <se of cleaning chemicals? perfumes
7efore Emergencies Occur

1evelop a response plan* and Eno+ ho+ to report

incidents and to +hom(

=aintain a department emergency phone trees(

5posted by the phone6

Gather response supplies 5,irst 0id Ait* 0ntidote*

Spill Ait6(

Share preparedness information +ith others

students* patients etc at the start of each

Ano+ your buildingHs ,loor Plan and E:its 8outes*

and become familiar +ith your 7EEP Plan

Ano+ the location of the emergency response

e.uipment 5i(e( Safety Sho+er?Eye+ash* Spill Ait
,ire E:tinguishers* ,ire 0larm Pull Station* 0E16
and ho+ to use it(

0ttend re.uired Emergency Preparedness* ,ire

E:tinguisher and other Safety training
7efore Emergencies Occur
7efore Emergencies Occur

Ano+ ho+ to clean up spills if they occur* and

+hat are your limitations 5see spill clean up

Ano+ ho+ to Evacuate Safely 5see 7EEP Plan6(

Ano+ ho+ to respond to medical emergencies

7efore Emergencies 5=edical6

Bet someone liEe a friend* a co+orEer* or a supervisor

Eno+ if you have a pre"e:isting condition that may
result in an emergency(

Have your medication 5inhaler* insulin* EpiPen etc6

available close by(

&aEe a CP8 class and?or learn ho+ to use the provided


)f you +itness a medical emergency call D

immediately and follo+ proper response procedure(

&aEe a flu shot

1epending on the Emergency* you

may be re.uired to either:
( Evacuate
2( Shelter in place*
%( Go into a BocEdo+n* or
3( &aEe some type of action to assist others
5CP8* ,( 0id* 0E1* Call for help* Clean <p a
1uring Emergencies
1uring Emergencies

8emain calm but 1o not ignore the alarm

)f you +itness the emergency* initiate a responseL

Call D to alert emergency responders 5police* fire*
ambulance* Env( Hlth & Safety6 to situations
re.uiring their attention(

)f you are EVACUATING* report to your 0ssembly

Point by the safest route available 5see 7EEP6(

0ssist others +ith health?physical limitations if you

are able to +ithout endangering your safety(

/alE do not run( <se stairs* do not use elevators(

8esponse Procedures
Emergency Evacuation 5,ire6
1uring Emergencies
)n Case of E:posure

8emove all contaminated clothing 5glove* lab coat* etc((6 and

place in a bioha-ard 5autoclave6 bag(

)f contaminated sEin or open +ounds* +ash affected area

vigorously +ith mild soap and +ater(

)f in contact +ith mucous membrane 5eyes* nose* mouth6

+ash +ith copious amounts of +ater* flush eyes for at least 4

)n case of 5inhalation or inoculation6 seeE medical help


)f agent necessitate taEing antidote* taEe?administer

appropriate dose immediately(

Call and inform lab director?supervisor* and Env( Health and

Safety of the incident(
1uring Emergencies 5other6

,ollo+ official instructions given by your building

coordinators or emergency response personnel(

)f you are SHELTERING IN PLACE* stay inside

the building* +ithin your +orE area* or any safe

)f applicable* maEe sure doors and +indo+s are

closed?locEed 5for both chemical or physical
threat situation6 to reduce your e:posure 5to
threat or chemical vapors* odors and fume6
1uring Emergencies

)f you are in a LOCKDON situation* locE the

doors to deny entry* and barricade yourself if

&urn lights off* silence electronic devices* and

remain .uiet(

Spread +ithin the room and hide behind


8emain .uiet and +ait for further directions from

emergency response 5Police 1ept(6 personnel(
Preventing =ass Casualty Shooting
0fter an emergency

/ait for instructions from Public Safety*

Emergency Personnel* or 7uilding Emergency
Coordinators 5i(e( do not re"enter 7ldg* or
continue locEdo+n until the all clear is given6

<p"to"date information concerning the status

of the campus and the emergency +ill be
communicated through available sources(

9ecessary administrative?operational
continuity plans for essential university
functions to continue on a temporary basis
+ill be put in place(
0fter an emergency

1epending on the situation* safe facilities and

critical personnel +ill be designated to carry on
operations on a limited basis

0lternate facilities +ill be established* if


9ormal campus operations +ill resume as soon

as possible follo+ing stabili-ation of the
8esponse Personnel
Colunteer 7uilding
Emergency Coordinators
1uring emergencies re.uiring evacuation* 7uilding
Emergency Coordinators +ill:

0ssist +ith building evacuation

Guide building occupants to emergency assembly


0ccount for evacuated employees

Help people needing assistance to evacuate

7uilding Emergency Coordinators may carry flags for
easy identification by students and staff at assembly
,urther info at: http:??+++(d(umn(edu?ehso?beep
Emergency 8esponse Personnel

<=1 Police 1epartment Consists of s+orn police officers

highly trained in rapid response to unfolding emergencies(
&he department is here to protect and serve the campus
community and ad'acent neighborhood 23 hours a day(
&o contact the <=1 P1( Call D or D"D 523 hrs?day6
and 8e.uest <niversity Police

,acilities =anagement
#2$"!2$2 5=on(",ri( ! a(m("3:%G p(m(6
0fter hours 5#2$"!3#* #2$"#GG# or %3!"3#3!6 ,or custodial
services and utility problems

Environmental Health & Safety

e:t: #2#% 5=on(",ri( ! a(m("3:%G p(m(6 General Safety
or %3%"D$34 ,or chemical* biological* 8adioactive spills* or
radiation e:posure and e:posure to to:ic fumes
Critical Personnel
Critical Personnel are designated <=1 staff
from the Police 1epartment* ,acilities =anagement*
)nformation &echnology* Health Services* 0u:iliary
Services* and Environmental Health and Safety +ith
a critical role in responding to and dealing +ith
particular aspects of the disaster in order to
stabili-e the emergency* and to ensure business and
academic continuity and a prompt return to normal
Personal Preparedness
1isaster Supply Aits
Personal preparedness is essential! )n a ma'or disaster* it might be
several days before vital services are restored( Personal supply Eits
should be ad'usted based on personal needs(
Suggested supplies include:

,lashlight +ith e:tra batteries

7attery"po+ered radio




,irst 0id Supplies

/arm Cloths?+eather 8esistant* and?or 7lanEets

1isaster Supply Aits for individual* departmental* or family
preparedness are available from a variety of sources and?or Safety
supply vendors( >ou can also maEe your o+n Ait(
,or additional information please visit
<=1 Emergency Preparedness