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SOFTBRAIN Informatic Technology Pvt. Ltd.

We would like
to introduce ourselves as IT Company tracing back its foundation
to the year 1999 with its goal of helping Clients achieve a true state
We are SoftBrain Informatic Technology Pvt. Ltd. (Since
1999)An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute
Registered under the Companies Act 1956 by Govt. of India.
All India Valid Certification.
Online Result Verification.
Online Registration for Distance Learning Programs.
Running Successfully 250 Affiliate centres.
Regular Quality Check-up.
We provide knowledge through application of proven platforms
and adaptation of emerging technologies and aim at delivering the
high technical education at the nominal fee to the people of every
category in India.

SOFTBRAIN is a leading Organization in the field of
Software / Financial Accounting / Print Media /
Graphics Designing / Web Designing Multimedia /
Animation and Hardware Computer Education. It
has earned immense trust and respect in IT
Industry for its excellent computer training.
We also offer a range of online education and test
preparation courses and other related services.
SOFTBRAIN is a Complete Quality Educational
Solution provider. It provides quality solution for all
Education fields. Our education services are
regarded as one of the best in its class. Our
courses are widely recognized as the most profit
yielding courses.

AutoCAD is a software application for 2D and 3D computer-aided
design (CAD) and drafting available since 1982 as a desktop
application and since 2010 as a mobile web- and cloud-
based app marketed as AutoCAD 360.
Developed and marketed by Autodesk, Inc., AutoCAD was first
released in December 1982 having been purchased a year prior in
its original form by Autodesk founder John Walker. The software is
marketed in its eighteenth generation.
As Autodesk's flagship product, by March 1986 AutoCAD had
become the most ubiquitous microcomputer design program
worldwide, with functions such as "polylines" and "curve fitting". Prior
to the introduction of AutoCAD, most other CAD programs ran
on mainframe computers or minicomputers, with each CAD operator
(user) working at a graphical terminal or workstation.
AutoCAD is used across a range of industries, including architects,
project managers and engineers, among other professions, with 750
training centers established worldwide as of 1994




remember that AutoCAD recognizes an object by
its coordinates. You will need two given points to
draw a line.

You can start at a random point on your WCS for
your FIRST POINT, but you should specify the
coordinates of your SECOND POINT.

SolidWorks is a 3D solid modeling package which
allows users to develop full solid models in a
simulated environment for both design and

In SolidWorks, you sketch ideas and experiment with
different designs to create 3D models.
Solids contain the mass properties of 3D objects.
You can use the Solids toolbar for readily accessible
You can use the Boolean operations of more complicated
Union (join two solids)
Subtract (carve out the second solid from the first)
Intersection (only the common area)

Extrude When you take a 2D area and push the
design out into another dimension. A 2D area,
for example, can be made into a 3D volume by
extruding it out a specific distance, d.

You can extrude to make a SOLID or you can
extrude to make a CUT

3D solid modeling and design program
Fundamental proE concepts:
Feature-based modeling

Feature-based modeling means you start with simple
basic features and then add more features
Part is constructed so that its individual features
describe the way the geometry should behave - ie a cut
knows its shape and location and the fact it has
negative volume