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System walkthrough

System to be adopted at ECL Haldia

Field MAN Field Length / Type Example Field Definition
Main Family Code (MF) YES 3 digit alpha FAS for Fasteners It is the basic classification of all the Materials used across Group Companies
(It will have LoV)
Main Family Description YES 30 Char Alpha-Numeric FASTENERS Same as above
Sub Family Code (SF) YES 2 digit numeric 01 for Hexagonal Bolt It is the Sub Classification of the Main Family (It will have LoV under Main
Sub Family Description YES 30 Char Alpha-Numeric HEXAGONAL BOLT Same as above
Template Code (MF+SF) YES Combination of Main
Family and Sub Family
FAS01 is the Template
System will frame automatically based on Main Family and Sub Family
Template Code Description NO 40 Char Text Field
Parameter YES 30 Char Alpha-Numeric MATERIAL
Parameter Type YES Drop-Down / Text /
If this is drop down, then possible values will become mandatory
Possible Values NO Text MS,SS,CS
Parameter UOM NO 15 Char Alpha-Numeric INCH
Parameter Value Mandatory or not NO YES / NO If we make this as YES, then data must be entered in this field while creating
Materials were classified under Main Family, Sub
Family, Template
Main Family is nothing but Broad Classification of
Materials used in our Company for ex. Cables and
Accessories. In major cases, main family of Bridge
Code will be as same as ECL family
Sub Family is nothing but Specific Item for example
Cable Tray, Cable Gland, Angle, Hex Bolt etc.,
One template belongs to a particular Sub Family.
Template is defined as the parameters required to
define a particular material. For ex. Ball Bearing,
Electric Cable, Electric Motor will have separate

Required Material is one out of Generic / Spare
/ Drawing Based Manufacturing Item
If generic and Spare, go through the nearest
Main Family expand it to find the right
All Spare Sub Family will have SPARE as the
part of SF name. For. Ex. PUMP SPARE,
If Drawing Based Item, Choose MFG as the
Main Family.
User will send mail to the local SAP Code creator
and he will check in SAP as well as in Portal.
If only Bridge Code is found, he will create the
SAP Code using the Bridge Code.
If only SAP Code is found, he will ensure the
Bridge Code for that SAP Code with all the
specification based on the Template with necessary
update in SAP. These will be done before or after
informing the user based on criticality.
If both not found, local SAP Code creator will get
all the necessary inputs based on template and
forward to MDM for Bridge Code creation. Then
Step-2 is followed

Main Family for BRIDGE CODE were framed
based on ECL SAP Material Master
classification. For ex. MFGxxxxxx of Bridge
Code is different from MFGxxxxxx of ECL SAP
ITEM CODE. We should not get confused and
also we should clearly educate user regarding
this. Otherwise system will collapse.