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School Counselors and Student

What Do They Do and How Do
They Assist Teachers?

Natalie Spencer

Introduce yourself and answer one
Recall your experiences with your school
Do you remember their name?
How did they help you?
Did they help you at all?

School Counselor
School counselors provide a comprehensive school counseling
program that improves:
student achievement
enhances the academic, career and personal/social
development of all students.
The comprehensive school counseling program is delivered
through classroom lessons, individual student planning
sessions, and individual and group counseling.
School counselors collaborate with parents, teachers,
administrators and other school staff to promote student
success. School counselors also provide leadership and
advocacy to promote equity and access to opportunities and
rigorous educational experiences for all students.

School counselor Qualifications

School counselors are certified or licensed
professionals who possess a masters
degree or higher in school counseling and
are uniquely qualified to address the
developmental needs of all students.

School Counseling Programs
UNC-Chapel Hill
NC State
NC Central University
Campbell University
Appalachian University
Wake Forest University
UNC Charlotte
CACREP-The Council for Accreditation of Counseling
and Related Educational Programs
School Counselors
Professional school counselors are required by most public school
systems to have taken advanced-degree coursework in the following
Professional school Human growth and development
Counseling theory
Individual counseling
Group counseling
Social and cultural foundations
Research and program evaluation
Professional orientation
Career development
Supervised practicum
Supervised internship

What School Counselors Do
Student Support Team member
Testing Coordinator (Elementary
Schools, Middle Schools and High
Arrange parent/teacher conferences
Coordinate school wide
intervention programs

What School Counselors Do
Plan and implement College
Planning/Career programs
Conduct individual student
Registration ( April-May)

What School Counselors DONT
Counselors should not assume the role as
a disciplinarian is schools. As counselors,
we strive to create an open and supportive
environment for students and staff.
Student Services Staff
ESL Counselor
School Psychologist
School Social Worker
SAP (Student Assistant Program)
Counselor ( Wake County)

Student Services Staff
Financial Aid Advisor (High Schools)
Career Development Coordinator or
CDC ( High Schools)
Intervention Coordinator
Transition Counselor
School Nurse
SST (Student Support Team)

School Counselor of The Year
How counselors Contribute To
Student Achievement?
School counseling increases students ability to
concentrate, study, and ultimately learn.
Students who attend schools with counseling
programs earn higher grades.

Counseling decreases classroom disturbances.
Counseling services support teachers in the
classroom in order to enable teachers to provide
quality instruction designed to assist students in
achieving high standards.
How counselors Contribute To
Student Achievement?
Students in schools that provide counseling
services indicated that their classes were less
likely to be interrupted by other students, and
that their peers behaved better in school.

School counselors are trained to recognize early
warning signs in at-risk youth. School
counselors work with principals, teachers, and
other staff to develop and implement school
safety, and to prevent school violence.

How counselors Contribute To
Student Achievement?

Students who have counseling programs
reported being more positive, and having
greater feeling of belonging and safety in their

What Can I do?
Get to know student services staff.
Ask questions about students youre
concerned about.
Get help understanding IEP/504s and
other mental disorders( depression,
anxiety, social phobia, etc).
Communicate with parents- major
problem most parents have.

Wake County Public School System website
American Counseling Association
American School Counselor Association