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Personal Data

This is the 2nd Psychiatric Hospitalization of Mr.

Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed ,
31y old male Kuwaiti patient.
He is Muslim , Right handed , Single , Unemployed.
Presented by himself through General prosecutor.
He is the 6th among his 14 siblings. Deceased father ,
he is living with his step mother.
Withdrawal Symptoms :
Diarrhea, Nausea, Body aches, running nose
since 2 days.
Disturbed Sleep.
Severe Craving.
Present History
Cigarette : 13ys age Daily.
Hash : 16ys Daily
BNZ : 19ys whenever possible
Alcohol : 21ys whenever possible
Heroin : 22ys , Daily
Captagon : 29ys Whenever possible
Mainly on heroin
Last dose was on 23/11/2008 – 60cc IV
Many trials to stop. Followed by Anxiety ,
depression , Suicide attempts.
The longest period of quitting was 4 years.
Financial problems
Occupational problems
Legal problems : have been in jail for 5 years
Motives for addiction were :
Pleasure seeking
Peer pressure
Family problem stress.
Triggers for relapse :
No work.
Family problems.
Premorbid Personality :
Thrill seeker
Multiple sexual relationship
Medical Problems
Bronchial Asthma
Hepatitis C +ve
Family History