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is the art of influencing other people

A Action
R Response
T Time

When we talk about influence, we mean precious but
treacherous thing.
Influence is manifested by

A = Authority
P = Power
I = Interest
(2) kinds of influence

Positive influence
Negative influence

Leaders are persons in authority, who can decide and give
commands but going beyond these limitations like using
authority to demand people, it has no place in democracy.
Good leaders possess power in theoretical influence which is
only proportion to their position.
Thirst in power is far distinct from successful leadership. Power
holders who seek more influence to maximize their powers can
be a threat of coercion.
Leaders who want to achieve the highest peak of power which is
the APEX of power and wants to hold total power over the
others, the end result would be- the higher they go, the farther
they will be with their people because people will be place in the
NADIR point of their liberty.

What shall we do to change it into positive

It can be a positive influence if leaders know how to
control possessions. Control can be made possible
only if we will encompass these factors (API) with


Leaders who are responsible are
leaders who are or who have:

W Wisdom
O Optimistic
R Reliable
K King servant/servant leader

Responsible leaders are leaders at
work and that makes an effective
How do effective leaders think?

C Creative and innovative

A Ask tough questions

L Look at the big picture

M Motivational thinker
Leadership styles
Respect 360 degree feed back
Be task-oriented
Be people-oriented
Be adoptable to leadership
Be goal- oriented

Three reasons why leaders must set

1. Direction
2. Progress
3. Accomplishment

Effective leadership requires

Good human relations
Use of persuasive approach
Aura of integrity & sincerity
Human touch
Hear your people
Understand their feelings
Motivate their desires
Acknowledge their efforts
Notify & note their progress

Train your people
Open your eyes to greater vision
Use the expertise of others
Call your people together by
means of change
Honor their achievements &

Let your plans be realized
Even if your term is over and
Give others the chance to lead
And for sure they will
Continue to say
You are a great leader

Thank You!