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Animal Cells vs .


Regina B ., Eric C ., Danah M.


• Nucleus •Office
• Cell membrane •School doors
• Endoplasmic •Hallway
• Ribosomes •Construction workers
• Nucleolus •Scheduler
• Cytoplasm •Floors
• Mitochondria •PECO
• Golgi complex •Mail Carrier
• Chromosomes •Secretary
• Lysosomes •Janitors
• Vacuole •Cafeteria

• •

Nucleus vs . Office
• Is the brain of the • The office controls
cell, controlling the school.
the cell telling it
what to do.
Cell Membranes vs . School
• The doors controls what is
going in and out of the

• A thin flexible envelope that

surrounds the cell allowing the
cell to change shapes and control
what’s going in and out.
Endoplasmic Reticulum vs . Hallways
• It makes a path throughout
the by using the floors as

• Consists of tube like passage

ways that Proteins
transport through
Ribosomes vs. Construction Workers
• Small grain bodies made mostly of
RNA, produced in the
•Construction workers build up
nucleolus, the structure of Audenried High
• Proteins constructed at the .
ribosome ..
Nucleolus vs. Scheduler
• Schedulers plan things for
the school (Ms.

• Small, dense object found

in the middle of the
nucleus that makes the
RNA for the cell.
Cytoplasm vs. Floors
• The floors help the staff
and student move
throughout the
building .

• A jelly like area between

the nucleus and the cell
membrane that helps the
organelles move .
Mitochondria vs. PECO
• PECO supplies the energy
for the school to

• They supply the energy for

the cell by transporting
sugars into energy.
Golgi Complex vs. Mail
• A mail carrier Transports
the mail in and out of
the school (Ms.Mitchell
also gives us our

• Helps make and package

materials to be
transported out the cell .
Chromosomes vs. Secretary
• Secretary’s are in
charge of holding all
of the information
about the
school(Ms.Carol ).

• Rod-Shaped bodies
found in the nucleus
that are made up of
DNA and Proteins.
They contain all the
Lysosomes vs.Janitors
• They take all the waste out
of the building after

• It contains digestive
enzymes that breaks
down large food
particles into sugars
other simple
Vacuole vs. Cafeteria
• A large round sac
found in the
cytoplasm that stores
food and waste and
other materials .

• It contains the food,

waste(trash cans) and
other materials needed
for the area.
The End !!!!!