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Mak Kundur
Mak Labu
Pak Ali
Guard I
Guard II
Pak Alis house
Forest (well)
PLOT : Scene 1
In a village, there is a couple named Pak Ali
and Mak Kundur. They have no child. Pak Ali
asks Mak Kundurs permission to marry Mak
Labu. Mak Kundur allows his husband to get
married again after a lot persuasions from Pak
Ali. Pak Ali and Mak Kundur get married.
Unexpectedly, three months later Mak Labu
and Mak Kundur are pregnant. After 9
months, both give birth to two beautiful
daughters namely Garlic and Shallot.

PLOT : Scene 2
Pak Ali goes fishing. Unfortunately, he is stung by
a snakehead and dies soon after. Mak Labu who
never likes Mak Kundur plans to kill her. One day,
when Mak Labu is washing clothes by the lake
Mak Kundur pushes her into the well. Shallot
feels worry because she could not find her
mother. The next morning Shallot is scolded by
Mak Labu. She runs to the well. Suddenly, she
hears a voice of Mak Labu. She is shocked to see
Mak Labu who has turned into a fish in the lake.
She brings her mother home.
PLOT : Scene 3
Shallot feels happy, she always talks to her
mother. One day, Garlic sees Shallot is talking to a
fish. Garlic tells Mak Kundur about the incident.
Then, Mak Kundur asks Shallot to give some
dishes to their neighbor. During her absent, Mak
Kundur and Garlic cook the fish for Shallot. Once
Shallot is back Mak Kundur asks her to eat lunch
which she has prepared. Later on, Shallot is
shocked when she finds out that her mother is
missing. Mak Kundur tells her that she has eaten
her own mother. Shallot is very sad, she searches
her mothers bone and buries it near the lake.
PLOT : Scene 4
The next day, Shallot goes to the lake. She is
surprised to find out that a big tree and a
swing grow on her mothers grave. Shallot
gets on the magic swing and sings. A prince
who is hunting nearby hears the song and
orders his guards to find the singer. Shallot
runs home when she finds out that she is not
alone. The guards manage to trail her to her
house and report it to the prince.

PLOT : Scene 4
The next day, the prince comes to Pak Alis
house and requests to see the one who was
singing on the swing. Mak Kundur claims that
it was her daughter, Garlic. Prince asks Garlic
to sing but the magic swing does not move.
The prince is angry and demands for the truth.
Mak Kundur admits that it was Shallot. The
magical swing is moving when Shallot sings.
The prince propose to Shallot. They get
married and live happily.

Shallot and Garlic
Mak Kundur and Mak Labu
Pak Ali

Prince guards
- Backdrops (lcd)
- Chairs and table in the living room
- Unwashed clothes
- Swing
- Polyester well
- Vase and mini aquarium
- Fish
Good vs Evil
Filial piety

Good always triumph over evil.
Good deeds will always be rewarded.
We should respect our parents.