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Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is a wholly owned subsidiary
of Hyundai Motor Company (HMC).
HMIL is the largest passenger car exporter and the second largest
car manufacturer in India.
It currently markets nine car models across segments.
HMIL has set up a modern multi-million dollar R&D facility in
Since inception of Hyundai Motor in India, it has become the
leading exporter of passenger cars with a market share of 48% of
the total exports of passenger cars from India, making it a
significant contributor to the Indian Automobile Industry.

Date of Establishment : Dec. 29, 1967
Date of Listing : Jun. 28, 1974
CEO : Mong Koo Chung
Choong Ho Kim
Gap Han Yoon
Industry : Auto Manufacturing

Management Philosophy
Hyundai Motor Companys most
fundamental reason for being, and the
foundation for its continued existence.

Core Values
Guiding principles for employee behavior
and decision making that are essential to
realizing our management philosophy
and vision.

Hyundai Motor Companys goal for the
next decade that will be followed through
with concrete business strategies and
action plans.

Management Philosophy:
Realize the dream of mankind by creating a new future
through ingenious thinking and continuously challenging
new frontiers.

Core Values:

Vision 2020:
To become a trusted lifetime partner of our
we will bring a new perspective to automobiles
through innovative mobility solutions based on
human-centric, eco-friendly technologies and
Lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond!
MR B.S SEO: Managing Director & CEO, HMIL
- Joined Hyundai Motor Company in 1982.
- Experience of 30 years in different departments.

Key Executives: HMIL

Name Title
Bo Shin Seo
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
R. Sethuraman
SVP of Finance & Corporate Affairs and Director
Anish Agarwal
Head of Lucknow Zone
Nalin Kapoor
Group Head of Marketing and Senior GM
Ajay Raghuvanshi
Head of West Zone
T. Sarangarajan
Head of Production Division and Vice President
Anurag Singh
Head of North Zone
Pankaj Tiwari
Head of Central Zone
M. Whoo
Head of R&D and Engineering Operations

What they expect: People who are / can
Passionate - Passionate about automobiles.
Innovate - Constantly innovate, need people who
have the ability to challenge the norm.
Energetic - People who are full of energy and who can
radiate them to others.

There should be an influx of talent in all departments. We
need to create a talent nest where people compete and
inspire each other.
(Chung Mong-Koo, Chairman)
Hiring Norms:
Equal opportunity employer.
Right mix of fresh and experienced people.
Experienced, preferably with experience in the
Automobile Industry.
Candidates working with any of their Business
associates are not considered.
Candidates who were interviewed in the previous
six months are not considered.

Hiring Process

Search and apply
through portal.
Send Resume to

Reviewed by recruitment
Personalised response sent.
If suitable, called for
Post Interview
After the interview, its decided whether the
applicant is suitable for the particular job
Human Resource Management :
Goals & Policies
The goal of HR management is to stabilize the
HR/Training system and share its growth vision
with all employees, enhance their productivity
support the companys attempt to take a leap to the
next level.
HR System
Evaluation System:
Fairly and openly based upon the achievement and
competency evaluation results.

Promotion System:
All HR evaluation ratings are converted into points, and
employees reaching certain point levels are eligible for
promotion regardless of how long they have stayed with the

Payroll System:
Based on the salary system within the company, individually
differentiated salary-increase based on both the individual
and team/group performance of which the individual is a
part of are applied.

Title System:

General Titles Engineering Titles Production Titles
General manager Chief engineer
Group leader
Deputy general manager
Senior engineer
Assistant manager
Performance Policies
Performance monitoring systems as job and grade
structure, performance management system,
compensation and benefit systems, etc.
Quarterly bonuses paid.
The height of the bonus comes from the internal point
system (attendance, quality of work, approach to work)
Payroll Policies
Regular salary growth based on the evaluation of the
job performance.
Extra pay for working overtime, weekend, night shifts
and national holidays.
Above average salary in the production sector as
compared to competition.

Transportation Facilities.
Catering Facilities.
Contribution to PF, Life Insurance.
Exclusive offers of services of Mobile Service Providers.
Sports and Cultural Events.
Language Courses.
Healthcare Facilities.
Specialized Career Growth.
Work with Modern Technologies.
Entry level training for new hires.
Career Development System.
Mentoring System.
Hyundai Motor India Foundation:
HMIF was formed in the year 2006 with the purpose of
'giving back' to society and to initiate (CSR) activities in the
areas of health care, educational and vocational
training, environment, road safety, art, science, technology,

HMIF gets its direct funding from HMIL's earnings as it
contributes Rs.100 for every car sold in the Indian market to
enable HMIF to carry out its social activities.
CSR Activities:
Happy Move
- Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF), as part of its CSR
program organizes the 'Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers
- As part of the initiative, students from India and Korea are work
together towards a common cause of community development.

Hyundai Traffic Squad
- Students Traffic Volunteer Scholarship Scheme is an initiative by
HMIF to sponsor the 'economically backward' college students and
also help in managing traffic better.
- A group of carefully chosen students, after proper training by the
local traffic police, work as traffic marshals at busy intersections in
conjunction with the traffic police to control and manage traffic.
- The students are paid a stipend for their efforts and this scheme is
successfully running in the cities of New Delhi, Chennai and
CSR Activities:
Educational and Vocational Training Program
- HMIL, under the aegis of HMIF is committed to the task of
improving conditions in local schools around Sriperumbudur as
well as nationally.
- At regular intervals it donates chairs, tables, computers to the
schools to create a better environment for educating children.

Medical Camps for Neighbourhoods
- HMIF conducts a number of free Medical Camps.
- The Foundation operates a Mobile Health Clinic van in villages
between Poonamalee and Kanchipuram with help from Sri
Ramachandra Medical University.
- The van has a Satellite link which enables it to be in direct contact
with the hospital and get assistance and advice even in the
remotest of villages.