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Advantages & Disadvantages
– M. Commerce

 By Prof T.R. Vaidyanathan

Advantages & Disadvantages
of M-commerce
Advantage of M-Commerce
1- Providing wider reach - access on your demand
from anywhere anytime
2- Purely personal
3- easy-to-use
5- location and time independent
6- Reducing transaction cost
7- Streamline business processes.
8- Competitive pricing and efficiency.
9- Reducing time to order.
Advantages & Disadvantages
of M-commerce
Form factors - use the device that suits their needs
and user preferences (PDA, PC, mobile phone, etc.)
Convenience and accessibility - time and space
constraints are removed and people can access
applications to their time and preferences.
New advanced mobile applications typically involve
high-speed services being accessed by devices
remotely, any where, at any time. Introduction of
higher data speeds and packeted 'always on'
technology will enable mobile devices to be used to
receive, send and access a huge range of
information and services in real time.
Advantages & Disadvantages
of M-commerce
Across all e-commerce applications there are barriers to
adoption. M-commerce seeks to remove even further
the sense of a consumer having to go to the business for
products or services, or needing to be skilled in multiple
technologies or having to plan whenever they want to
access a business using the Internet.
Mobile phone-based devices are now permitting visual
and data transfer (E.g. emails, multimedia messaging,
etc) across spectrums and networks usually preserved
for voice traffic alone.
Evidence suggests as devices and networks converge
with existing technologies (eg. Internet, mobile phones
and video conferencing or TV broadcast systems),
consumers are reacting to the technology in a very
positive manner.
To enable the improvement of customer use of data
options, m-commerce applications and technology have
Advantages & Disadvantages
of M-commerce
Disadvantages of M-Commerce.
1- Small screens of most devices still limit types of
file and data transfer (i.e. streaming videos)
2- Standards guiding applications and technology
development and connection(s)
3- WAP and SMS limited to small number of
characters and text.
4- Use of graphics limited
5- Less functionality for mobile Internet over mobile
phones and existing generation of handhelds than
for mobile computers (laptops and next generation
Advantages & Disadvantages
of M-commerce
6- User interface is often difficult to learn how
to use
7- Limited bandwidth
8- Limited roll out of higher bandwidth mobile
networks and devices (i.e. 3g networks and
wireless broadband networks are
predominantly located in cities)
9- Cost of establishing mobile and wireless
broadband infrastructure
10- Technology constraints of mobile devices
(memory, processing power, display
capabilities, input methods)
Advantages & Disadvantages of M-
11- Security of data moved across some mobile and
wireless networks
12- Businesses investment in hardware and
infrastructure is seen as riskier as rapid evolution of
mobile and wireless technologies continues.
Effect on Health
One of it is the radiations of mobile phones that are
causing serious health hazards to the users. The
mobile phone users are more prone to brain tumors,
ear defects, headaches and blurring of vision.  The
mobile phones use microwave radiations to transmit
data or more clearly they use these radiations to
connect. For this base stations are to be installed in
various parts of the city so that effective coverage
can be given to the users.
Advantages & Disadvantages of
These microwaves lead to serious
health problems. it can cause
the damage to the DNA, a
causative factor for mutation in
species,  eye vision getting
blurred and eye cancer,
infertility, hyperactivity in new
born children and different type
of damages to the ear and
tympanic membrane which can
cause hearing defects in the
Advantages & Disadvantages
of M-commerce
Addiction in teenagers
Due to low priced services in the form of
postpaid and prepaid the teenagers can easily
avail mobile telephony. Here the benefits get
converted to disadvantages when the device is
over used every time and at every place. The
teenagers are talking of the services, giving
and receiving text messages; downloading
wallpapers and ringtones and playing games.
They by this way get detached with the other
important activities which are so important for
their social and personality development.
Advantages & Disadvantages
of M-commerce
No personal life
You keep it with you all the time and
everywhere. You take it with you in an
important meeting. You are discussing an
important aspect of the budget for approval. At
this point the mobile beeps and you get
distracted from the important thing that you
were discussing