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Dengue Prevention

Efrea Lyndee G. Pangan

Medicine II-B
MHAM College of Medicine
The top 10 towns or cities with the
highest number of dengue cases
1. Cebu City
2. Lapu-Lapu City
3. Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental province
4. Minglanilla town in southern Cebu
5. Mandaue City
6. Talisay City
7. Naga City
8. Tagbilaran City in Bohol province
9. Danao city in Cebu
10. Tanjay City in Negros Oriental
What is dengue fever?

Dengue Fever is an illness

caused by infection with a virus
transmitted by the Aedes

There are four types of this virus

(serotypes 1 to 4) which can infect
Aedes mosquito
Characteristics of the
Aedes Mosquito
One distinct physical
feature – black and white
stripes on its body and
Only the female
mosquito feeds on the

Bites during the day.

Lays its eggs in clean,

stagnant water. Aedes mosquito
Life cycle of the Aedes mosquito
How Do Aedes Mosquito Transmits
the Disease
Mosquito bites and sucks And passes the virus
blood containing the to healthy people
virus from an infected when it bites them.

Virus is carried in
its body.
Signs and Symptoms of Dengue

Skin rash seen in

Dengue fever
Clinical Characteristics of
Dengue Fever
•Muscle and joint pain
•Bleeding manifestations
How to Prevent Aedes mosquito
from Breeding
Remove ALL sources of
stagnant water.

Deny the Aedes mosquito of any

chance to breed.
Potential Breeding Sites

Flower Pot Plates

Flower Pots
Potential Breeding Sites

Collar of the toilet bowl

Potential Breeding Sites

Discarded receptacles
Potential Breeding Sites

Roof gutters Litter Bins

10-Minute Mozzie
Change water in vases on alternate days.
Remove water from flowerpot plates on
alternate days.
Turn over all pails and water storage
Clear blockages and put insecticide in roof
gutters monthly.
Do not litter. Rubbish such as cups
and bottles can collect rain water
and breed mosquitoes.
4S Kontra Dengue
1. Search and destroy mosquito breeding
 Clean all possible mosquito breeding places
(flower vases, dish drains, old tires,
roof gutters, used cans, etc.) where water can
pool or accumulate.
 Cover water receptacles (drums, jars, etc.).
 Environmental sanitation activities such as
clean up drives
4S Kontra Dengue
2. Self-protection measures
 Use personal protective measures
such as mosquito nets, use of insect
lotion or install window screens.
4S Kontra Dengue
3. Seek early treatment
 Watch out for the principal symptoms of
dengue; high fever, severe headache,
backache, joint pains, nausea and
vomiting, eye pain, and rash
 Dengue Express Lane (Hospitals)

4. Say “NO” to indiscriminate fogging.