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How to Develop
• The world we live in
faces many challenges:
environmental, social,
economics, and political.
• Those problems can
seem so huge and
insurmountable that we
often give up on them
before we even try to
tackle them.
• During our Life, we
have to know that
there is a chance we
may fail.
• Confucius once said:
"Our greatest glory is
not in never failing,
but in rising every
time we fall."
Resilience - Definition

• Resilience is the
ability to persevere
and bounce back
from adversity,
problem or
Ways to Develop Resilience
• Make connections:
– Form a network of
professional and
personal resources
who can step in with
advice or lend a
sympathetic ear when
times get tough.
– Helping others in their
time of need can
benefit the helper as
Ways to Develop Resilience
• Avoid seeing crises as
– Whether your business
has had to downsize or
just changed markets to
accommodate the
economy, you should
focus on the big picture
and realize that these
setbacks do not
necessarily threaten the
life of your business.
Ways to Develop Resilience
• Accept that change is a
part of living:
– People evolve, and
businesses do too.
– While change can be
painful, accept that your
business will change to
meet new circumstances,
whether it is an updated
business plan or a new
niche of customers
– In today's business and
economic climate, the
ability to be flexible is key.
Ways to Develop Resilience

• Take decisive actions:

– Act on adverse situations
as much as you can.
– Take decisive actions,
rather than avoiding
problems and stresses
and wishing they would
just go away.
Ways to Develop Resilience
• Look for opportunities
for self-discovery:
– People often learn
something about
themselves and may
find that they have
grown in some respect
as a result of their
Ways to Develop Resilience

• Nurture a positive view of

yourself and your
– You may think that any kind
of business has been hit
hard in this economy, but
take a look at how well
positioned your company is
to survive.
• In the business world, we
all can learn from being
• You must take action and
get back in the game.
• Life is the experiment.
• Life is too short. Achieve
your dreams.
• Don't waste time.
• Fear of failure and fear
of the unknown are
always defeated by
• Having faith in yourself,
in the process of
change, and in the new
direction that change
sets, will reveal your
own inner core of steel.
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