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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Shaped by the past, creating the future

Briefing Presentation for Staff

This presentation is designed to:

1. Provide background information on the employee
satisfaction survey
2. Explain how to complete the survey
3. Describe how you will find out the results

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Background (1)
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The University is launching its first Employee Satisfaction
Survey on 15 October 2007.

All staff have the opportunity to give their opinions on a
range of issues to do with working at the University.

We want to get your views so that we can begin to make
the University an even better place to work.

Background (2)
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The survey is being provided by an external company,
Capita People Development.
Capita have worked with an internal project group to
ensure the survey is relevant for Durham.
You will receive an e-mail or letter asking you to take
part in the survey by completing a questionnaire.

Benefits of the Survey
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The survey will enable the University to:
Obtain your views on a range of issues to do with working
at the University
Identify priority areas of concern
Develop action plans to address concerns where possible
Make decisions based on actual data
Set a baseline so we can track progress in future years

Topics Covered
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The themes included are:
Pay and conditions
Work-Life Balance
Job satisfaction
Your role
Physical environment
..amongst others.

Key Points about the Survey (1)
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The survey is confidential Capita will receive the
results directly, analyse them and report back.
No-one in the University will see your completed
The survey is anonymous- your responses cannot be
traced back to you.
The results will not be broken down into groups of less
than 10 people.

Key Points about the Survey (2)
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Results will be fed back to all staff via the web and a
Action plans will be developed and communicated to
staff this is your chance to influence future decisions.
To make it meaningful, we must achieve a good
response rate.
This is where we need your

Completing the Questionnaire (1)
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Most people will complete the questionnaire online.
If you do not have internet access, you will receive a
paper version.
It looks long but only takes around 20 minutes
The questions are mostly tick-box style
There is one free-text section where you can write
comments in your own words, if you wish.

Completing the Questionnaire (2)
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The online version can be completed in multiple sessions
by saving it and returning later.
The paper version can be sent directly to Capita in a
pre-paid envelope which will be provided.
Large-print versions are available if required.
A free-phone helpline is available for questions, or if you
would prefer to complete it by telephone: 0800 587 3115

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Survey live dates: 15 October to 23 November.
You can complete the survey at any point during this
6 week period.
Communication of results: early 2008
Development and implementation of action plans: from
Feb 2008

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Please take 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire
Each department and college has a nominated survey
champion - contact them if you have any queries.
Further information is available at:
With your help we will obtain a good response, which will
help to ensure the resulting actions address the issues
that are important to you.