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Research Methodology

Topic 1
Fundamental Types of
1. Applied Research:
Research done with the intention of
applying the results of findings to
solve specific problems being
currently experienced in the
Fundamental Types of
2. Basic Research:
Research done to enhance
understanding of certain problems
that commonly occur in
organizational setting is called pure
research or basic research.
Scenario 1
A university professor wanted to
analyze in depth the reasons for
absenteeism of employees in
organizations. Fortunately, a
company within 20 miles of the
campus employed her as a
consultant to study that very issue.
Scenario 2
A research scientist surveys 1000
employees in different
organizational settings to study the
efficacy of several types of nasal
sprays in controlling the flu virus. He
subsequently publishes his findings
in a highly respected medical
Business Research
Areas of Business Research
1. Accounting & Finance
Budget control systems
Stock exchange

2. Management
Attitude and behavior of human resources

3. Marketing
As a manager, you sometimes need services
of a consultant to engage in more complex,
time consuming problems.
Consultants can be internal or external.
Consultants can be researchers who help
managers analyze and solve problems that
an organization is facing.
Internal Consultants
Some organizations have their own
consultants or research departments
which may be called Management
Services Departments or Research
and Development departments.
Advantages of Internal
1. Better acceptance from staff
2. Knowledge about organization
(organizational structure, work
systems, people, climate, culture etc)
3. Internal part of implementation
4. Cost less as compared to external
Disadvantages of Internal
1. In view of their long tenure as internal
consultants, they might lack fresh
2. Power politics could prevail
3. Possibly not valued as ‘experts’ by
staff and their recommendations might
not get the attention they deserve.
Advantages of External
1. Have more experience and exposure as a
result of working with different organizations
2. As external consultants, these people are
more serious about their career, and contracts
that they get in various firms as external
consultants. So they try to keep them updated
with latest trends all the time and know the
latest problem solving techniques.
Disadvantages of Internal
1. Cost of hiring is very high
2.Time taken to understand the
organizational systems.
3. Cooperation from staff not easy
Ethics and Business
Work Ethics
Social Ethics
Ethical research
 Providing right information to the organization
 No fraudulent behavior
 No plagiarism