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What is Ethics?

Moral principles that govern a person's

behaviour or the conducting of an activity

Ethical Behaviour
Acting in ways consistent with what society
and individuals typically think are good values.

Definition of ethical business

Ethical behaviour tends to be good
for business and involves demonstrating respect
for key moral principles that include honesty,
fairness, equality,
dignity, diversity and individual rights

Inappropriate Computer Use

Employees may use company computers to
engage in unethical behaviour.
For example, an employee who is not
permitted to use the Internet for personal
reasons commits an unethical act by
shopping online while at work

Time Misuse
Unethical behaviour can include "stealing"
time from the company
The company is compensating employees
and receiving no productivity in return

Sexual Harassment and Bullying

An employee could commit unethical behaviour by
sexually harassing co-workers.
Bullying typically involves attempting to intimidate a
co-worker by making demeaning comments about
him, spreading gossip or even making verbal or
physical threats.
For example, a female employee sued Halliburton
(one of the worlds largest oil corporations
worldwide), claiming that she was gang-raped by
fellow employees in Iraq

Why Study Ethics?

Ethics is not the study of what is legal
or socially accepted or tolerated it is
the study of what is right and wrong -in the sense of trying to discover
reasonable general principles that will
help us decide what we ought to do
and what we ought not to do in all

Implication of ethics
Ethics allows you to live an authentic life
Ethics makes you more successful
Ethics allows you to cultivate inner peace
Ethics provides for a stable society
Ethics may help out in the afterlife



Every behaviour or acts that consider by
right or wrong

Or we can say every acts based on ethical

factors are moral
Do you best to live up to your potential for the betterment
of the world
Helping people

Someone who does things that arent good
enough in the moral sense

This person continues to do things even if

he knows it is really wrong
An immoral person is someone who is doing
thing contrary to morals, but doing it usually
with selfish reasons
Make decisions based on vengeance
Making profit that result to murder

Amoral and immoral are basically the middle
and negative points of the morality
An amoral person does not care about
morality mainly because he doesnt
understand or doesnt know the morality is
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