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Child Rising
Parents in US and America
usually give their children separate
bedroom in early age. Parents
taught their children to make their
own decision and to be responsible to
take their action. Children have to
learn to be independent. They also
often to take a job outside their home
to learn Value of dollar

Young Adulthood
At the age of 18-21 year old kids in America already have
the courage to live outside their parents' home. After
they get out of their parents' home, they will find
financial support outside the family. Parents do not
arrange their marriage nor do children ask their parents'
permission to get married. Parents only to provide
direction and influence in profession. but, the children
are free to choose another career. Parents think if their
children self-reliant, then the parents have managed to
raise children.

The Elderly
Older people (65-74th) often prefer
to live alone in their home than live
with their grown children or live in
retirement communities where they
have the companionship of peers and
services. The children tried to take
care of their parents by seeking
nursing care to maintain and care for
them. Some bring their parents to
the nursing home.

The Nuclear and the

Extended Family
Including father, mother, and the
Called The Family
Have strong obligations to other
family relatives

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins,
nephews, nieces, and in-laws. The
members are not necessarily
consulted when it comes to making
major decisions and it is not assumed
that extended family members will
take care of the children in the family

Italian Americans, Chinese-Americans, JewishAmericans, Mexican-Americans have more

extensive obligations and contact with extended
family members.

American Nuclear Family:

Has its own separate
Is often economically
Is unusual to borrow money
from a bank rather than from
Many couples struggle to buy
their own first home without
expecting family members to

Working Wives and Husbands

(in United States)

The male was responsible for the

financial support of the home and
family members.
The female was responsible for
emotional support, child rising, and


Both spouses work in 63 % of

American marriages where there are
children aged six to seventeen.
The figure is about 51 % for parents
with children under six.

The reasons of why mothers choose

to work

The womems movement, which

has influencedsocietys views of
desirable educational goals and
careers for women.

The Problems

Finding day care and obtaining

flexible work schedule.

Their work represents the need

to contribute to the family
income and not a means of
attaining personal fulfillment.

Cannot find employment in the

same geographical location.

They want to share in providing

financial support for the family.

In a minority cases, people have

to fly great distance to maintain
such commuter marriages.

They want to persue their

professional interests in order to
fulfill themselves and to
contribute to the larger society.


Almost 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce in the American family. These result in
high number of single parent is headed mostly by women. Although its very hard for
them like they dont have any time for relax and enjoy the life but they choose to keep
not to marry again with someone than be married woman.
Despite the high number of single parent,but there is no indication that marriage is
becoming less popular. Because they will do remarrying again with the other male or
female. This situation become stepfamilies or Blended family

Varietes Families in the United States

In the past, there was still family that we called traditional family that has mother, father and
also complete children. At this time, we are rare to find it especially in western area because
their parents ever divorce and of course their family is not complete again. The children can
belong to two families for example if their parents get divorced. They may live with one parent
for the first week and one parent again for the second week.
Some of the couple choose to remarry again, it means that they have children and their
couple also have children. This is called blended. There is another type is living in one house like
husband and wife but no marriage relationship. It just fulfill their emotion or financial need.

Individual has different view for diversity in family type. In general in the West and
East coast there is more tolerance for diversity the family structure than there is in
South or Midwest. Also, in area of religious place, there seems to be less acceptance

of nontraditional family.
The changes in traditional family structure are seen as breakdown or
disintegration of values and a decline in morality. Others believe that this shift in
family shape are inevitable in a rapidly changing society.

American parents like to preserve their childrens privacy even
from their children early age. They also courage their children to be
independent in the very young age, including in financial and social
relationship. In the US, attitudes toward the elderly can distinguish
between nuclear and extended family. Nuclear family consist of
father, mother, and children who have strong obligations to the
other family relatives. In the other hand extended family consist of
other relatives who do not have strong obligations.
In US, the children usually are taken care by mother in the single
parent family. Individual has different view for diversity in family
type. In general in the West and East coast there is more tolerance
for diversity the family structure than there is in South or Midwest.