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Employee Engagement: The Prescription for a

Healthy Patient Journey

Kevin Sheridan
Senior Vice President HR Optimization

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What is Employee Engagement?

Employee Engagement
is a strong desire to be
part of the value an
organization creates.

Engaged employees feel

a strong emotional and
intellectual bond with
their organization.

Engaged employees exert
discretionary effort to
provide better outcomes for
their organization.

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Engaged employees
become co-owners of their
own engagement and
commit to improve.

Engaged Healthcare Employees

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Ambivalent Healthcare Employees

Limited enthusiasm about job duties, giving

patients the bare minimum.
Often more concerned with receiving a
paycheck than providing quality care.
Rarely, if ever, volunteer for extra
assignments or take lead roles.
Patient Examples:

Thats not really my job, but you could ask another

person for help.

I am so glad my shift is almost over.

Silence They do not feel a connection with

patients & do not go out of their way to converse
with them.

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Disengaged Healthcare Employees

Negative attitude can lead to short

responses and/or rude comments.
Problems are ignored because they are
not concerned with the organizations
success (Risky!)
Actions often cause more harm than good.
Patient Examples:

If something was done wrong, Im not surprised.

The nurses here dont know what theyre doing.

I am not doing that because it is not in my

job description.

You are being too demanding. I dont have all day to deal
with your problems.

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Levels of Employee Engagement in the Workplace

69 percent of the healthcare workforce is NOT engaged.

Source: HR Solutions National Employee Engagement Study

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Engagement Transformation Model

Copyright 2012 Avatar HR Solutions

Copyright 2011 HR Solutions, Inc.

Outcome: Retention

Engaged employees are six times more likely to stay with the organization
than their disengaged counterparts.
Less turnover leads to stronger relationships with patients

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Outcome: Discretionary Effort

Engaged employees will go above and beyond to help patients.

Patients benefit from new and innovative ideas.

Employees take ownership of their own engagement and seek out improvements.
No engagement imbalance.

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Outcome: Reputation
There is a proven correlation between patient satisfaction
and employee engagement
60 million Americans discussed their medical experiences online in 2009*.
Engaged employees lead to satisfied and loyal patients who will recommend the
hospital / physician.

The Multiplier Effect: On average, one unhappy patient will voice their
dissatisfaction to 10 other people, who, in turn, tell at least five other people.

Thus, about 60 others eventually learn of the complaint.

How has The Multiplier Effect come into play

in other industries?
Example: United Breaks Guitars YouTube
Video Almost 10 million hits.

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Proven Example
Employees in the top 25 percent on
engagement levels scored significantly higher
on every business metric measured









Operating M argin

Patient Experience Overall

Patient Experience Likliehood to Recommend

2010 Engagement
Top 25%
Bottom 25%

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Concern for Patient Care

So what should you

do to engage your
employees and
realize these

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Key Drivers of Engagement

Career Development.
Direct Supervisor / Manager Leadership Abilities.
Strategy and Mission.
Job Content.
Senior Managements Relationship
with Employees.
Open and Effective Communication.
Co-worker Satisfaction/Cooperation.
Availability of Resources to Perform the
Job Effectively.
Organizational Culture and Shared /
Core Values.
Determination of Key Drivers based on survey responses in Avatar HR Solutions National Normative Database, representing
over 3.3 million participants and 2,400 organizations.

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Best Practices for Increasing Engagement

Recognize early and often.
Formal / informal and public / private.

Coach, motivate, and promote employees.

Open relationships.
Link employees jobs with the strategy and mission.

Provide freedom and autonomy.

Clearly define employee roles.
Ask employees how they can contribute.

Open and effective communication.

Fun = engagement.
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