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Net Case

Amanora Park

Hadapsar , Pune.




Pune is the eight largest
metropolis in India and the
second largest in the state of
Pune city is the administrative
headquarters ofPune district
and cultural capital of
The city is now also known for
Manufacturing, Automobile,
Government & Private sector
Research Institutes, Information
technology (IT) and Educational,
Management, Training institutes
that attract migrants, students
and Professionals not only from
India but also students from
South east Asia, Middle East and


Pune has the highest number of software

companies in India - 212, followed by
Bangalore, Hyderabad
Pune holds the record for the highest
growth within a span of 20 years
Pune is considered to be the fashion capital
of the east
Pune has the highest number of
government organizations and public
sectors in India
Pune has 21 engineering colleges, which is
the highest number in the world for a given
Pune is truly a cosmopolitan city, with only
38% of its local population


Township is an integrated community that satisfies

the needs of the people.
What is a township ?
How to know it / how to understand a typical
township ?
In fact, anyone building 4-5 residential buildings with
a Club House and a supermarket attached, is that
the project a Township? This couldn't be less true.
The Government has laid down charter to qualify
what defines a special Township.


The Government of Maharashtra has laid the following charter -to qualify a special

A special Township is described as one that

Has a continuous land parcel of 100 acres at the minimum
Makes available abundant clean water supply, round the clock, 24 x 7
Ensures reliable power infrastructure
Where 60% of the area shall be used for pure residential area, and at least 20% as
parks, gardens and playgrounds
Is well knit by roads ranging from 30 ft to 80 ft
Environmentally speaking, a special Township ensures care of the existing ecological
systems, rain water harvesting systems, efficient waste management systems
Has schools, college, hospital, fire station on the premises
Has to get clearances from a multitude of Government bodies
Offers a 50% waiver benefit on stamp duty

Buzzing Location

Amanora is located at
Hadapsar, smack in the center
of the IT hub and business
nerve center of new age Pune.

The airport is a short

convenient drive from here.

The zone has seen a mind

boggling, transformation in the
last few years with major IT
players setting up shop here.

The Hadapsar Kharadi

bypass area is mushrooming
with walk to work, leisure
homes ideal for Kharadis
ballooning man power
5 kms from Pune Cantonment (military cantonment)
and 6 kms from Pune Race Course
Road Distance or driving distance fromAmanora Park
TowntoMagarpatta Cityis5 kms


Location : Hadapsar, Pune . (ongoing project)

: 400 acres
Master Planner Mani Chowfla Associates, New Delhi

P&T Consultants, Singapore Fourth Dimension-Architects
Structural Y.S. Sane Associates, Pune
Landscape Designer Prof. Shaheer, New Delhi
Amanora Park Town is brought to you by City Corporation Limited
Shri Arunkumar Mehta,
Shri Aniruddha Deshpande,
Shri Lalit Adani and
Shri Bimal Parekh


An ISO 9001:2000 Company.

This leading Real Estate Developer in Pune has a
number of successful and up market projects like 1
Modibaug, 10 Kasturkunj, Oxford Village and Sharada
Arcade in Pune to its name.
City Corporation's mission is to create self contained,
enlightened, environment friendly township, enabling a
sublime experience through provision of state-of-theart infrastructure, better opportunities, honest
transactions and fair dealing, nurturing innovation and
creativity in all its projects.


A real Township extends over 400 acres

14 million sq.ft. of development
More than 70 acres of well designed open spaces
Clean water supply, available round the clock
Well distributed power infrastructure, 24 x7
Well paved internal roads, and main roads over 80 ft wide
Roadways totaling a length of 12 km
18 to 22 storey buildings designed by international architects
Dedicated pedestrian and cycle tracks across the Township
Eco-friendly, non-polluting internal transportation system
Child-friendly introducing a 'safe walk to school concept
Efficient waste management system
All approvals and clearances received


Amanora Park Town is the beginning of new

benchmarks in living, working, celebrating and
surpassing comfort zones.
Amanora Park Town a modern suburb of Pune.
Aman, for peace, ora from aura.
Amanora Park Town boasts of 400 acres of untouched
utopia in Hadapsar, to the east of booming metropolis
Pune. Quiet and peaceful, yet bustling and vibrant.
Ecologically sound, yet with every imaginable
technical, digital and modern facility.


The Amanora mater plan resembles a hand where the green

areas in it resembles the palm and the buildings in it resembles
the building structures.
It symbolizes off the five elements.
As the hand it carries a significant meaning of various cultures
across the world and it holds the important in all aspects as it is
the central point of different organs according to acupuncture .
Similarly, the Amanora town holds different important needs of
the human as a hub
The hand Shaped in enhanced by the internal road that runs
inside the town the main road that connect every point in the
town The Crescent Road

What they consist of ?

RESIDENTIAL ZONE : Range from independent homes
to mid-rise and high-rise apartments, overlooking
green areas, parks and water bodies, and safe play
areas for children and elders.
COMMERCIAL ZONE : It has a market city , Amanora town
center(a retail and commercial center) and other IT industries
around location.
OTHER ZONES :Digital Town , Central Park, Clubs, Multiplexes,
Hotels, Restaurants, Health Clubs, Swimming Pools, Amphitheatres
And Recreational Facilities Schools, Health Facilities, Temple etc
The zones are provided well Planned Road , Service Corridors,
Security System Wit Finger Tip Scanning ,Ample Sunlight , Play
Area ,Fresh Air ,Lifts ,Cables , Internet , Water, Electricity Etc

Residential Zone

Aspire Tower 1-10

Aspire Tower 15-17
Aspire Tower 18-22
Aspire Tower 23-25
Aspire Tower 30-35

Type A
Type B
Type C

Future Towers
Futuristic. Green. Holistic.
A city that runs for nearly a kilometer.
An ecosystem pulsating with energy. 24 x 7.
A multi-cultural habitat for a rich social life.
A design born out of a hexagonal grid.
Where form meets function.
Where maverick thinking marries rational reasoning.
Where exclusivity and community feeling co-exist.
Amanora Future Towers.
A true evolution in architecture.
A much-needed revolution in new-age living
Every Future Towers Apartment would be either facing a 26acre lush central green or overlooking a vast open expanse,
ensuring that the views are truly spectacular. A life full of
energy; a life throbbing with activity.

Future towers
Future Towers is India's first residential
project with the tallest atrium.
The 100-metre tall Atrium lobby, built
around the idea of an open central
court will enhance the feeling of space
and light and iconize the Towers.
The Atrium lobby will house plush and
comfortable waiting lounges for guests,
a grand reception area for queries and
basic amenities like washrooms etc.


One of the most radical features of Future Towers is the

presence of Scoops. Wide, open spaces designed at varying
altitude points that cut through the Towers. Where each
Scoop hosts an amenity area like a coffee shop, an
amphitheatre, a play area, a senior citizens' zone and so on.

These Scoops will be a hub for like-minded people to come

together and indulge in life.

The numerous Courtyards at Future Towers

are designed to address the issue of social
Courtyard layout would create a sense of
conveniences spread like confetti over
various levels to encourage interaction and
stage a rich social life.


Sweet water villa : Where the luxury and greenery meet a place
units .as an extended courtyard
villa are
a 26-acre private
and shimmering lakes as prized neighbors, every Villa will has a
finest green concepts for responsible living.
Every Villa plot has a personal Wind-solar hybrid power system,
resulting in natural energy generation.
For Environment-friendliness certain measures taken like usage of
LED lights , Root zoning STP and Water Recycling etc ,.
Planning :

It has basic grid arrangement with a club house at the central

The connecting road crescent road (The internal road that

forms an arch from the
gateway tower to the future tower)
Totally it has 3 basic design with 5 different external treatment.
sizes ranging from 6,000 to 12,000 sq.ft
Bungalow designed as per Eco-housing criteria, Located in the
most premium sector


Club house with: Multipurpose Hall ,State - of - the -art Gym,

Meeting room - 2Nos, Card Room , Lounge Bar , etc,.

Terrace with water proofing

Entry gate & compound wall with M.S.

structural work
Water connection from central storage tank
through hydro-pneumatic system
Electrical power connection of 10KW from
wind solar hybrid energy generation system
Piped Gas connection with pre-paid Gas
Water proofing in all toilets
Security is carried out by Video door phone,
an IP Phone, Gas leak detector.
Parking arrangement for 2/3 cars
Internal Roads with solar street lights
Along the pathway that connects the villas
are planned with a mass of landscape which

asement Floor Plan



BUA : 100 SQ.MT / 1076 SQ.FT

First Floor Plan

BUA : 243 SQ.MT / 2615

Second Floor Plan

BUA : 297
SQ.MT / 3196

BUA : 223 SQ.MT / 2400 SQ.FT


: 338

First Floor Plan

UA : 108 SQ.MT / 1162 SQ.FT

Ground Floor Plan

BUA : 224 SQ.MT / 2411



Aspire Towers 1-10 spread over an expanse of 12 acres, of which 7 acres are
green landscaped areas.
These elegant glass towers are also Pune's tallest residential buildings to date.
Made up of ten elegant 18 to 22 storey towers and has 674 lifestyle apartments of
2,2.5,3,3.5 and 4 bedroom luxury.
Designed by P & T Consultants, Singapore.
It has a 5 lakh sqft of podium with beautiful landscape and water bodies have been
As the designing part, Aspire Towers 1-10 have a well planned neighborhood, lit
and ventilated parking under a futuristic and exquisitely landscaped 5-acre podium
which will have a car wash facility, drive ways and drivers' utility area and With
sprinkler systems ensuring a fire-safe parking space.
With a unique layout, the buildings of Aspire Towers 1-10 are spaced out
strategically, to deliver maximum privacy to you and ensure breath-taking views.
The multipurpose hard- scapes and fit outs used for all the social needs and
nearby convenience stores are used for day-to-day requirements and there is an
exclusive Clubhouse with a gymnasium .


Aspire Towers 1-10 - the underlying philosophy of simplicity and
intelligent design made it to be more important.
Upmarket urban spaces have been shaped by blending nature
with artificial intelligence for contemporary living.
The Architects from Singapore P&T Consultants, commissioned
to design Aspire Towers 1-10, took their inspiration from skylines
of the world to incorporate a 3-dimensional layered effect,
creating a geometry of sheer delight.
By incorporating new international building techniques for greater
speed, safety and high quality construction, Aspire Towers 1-10 is
built using the advanced MiVan technology for strong structures,
super flat walls and a silken finish.



This new-age technology is unique as all the components in
an apartment; including slabs, floors, walls, columns, beams,
staircases, balconies and window hood are concrete,
eliminating the need for block works or brick works.
It enables total control over concrete quality thereby
increasing the durability multi-fold. It gives form finish,
which means the walls can be directly painted with a
minimal coat,.
And most importantly, the technology is environment
friendly as there is no use of timber.


Amanora Towers 15-17, are the 2nd

offering of Amanora Park Town.

These 3 elegant towers are

strategically located overlooking
over 26 acres of Central Green, the
school nearby, and opens onto the
26 mts. Crescent Road of the

They have total of 220 apartments of

2, 2.5 and 3 bedroom luxury giving
you a choice between mid-sized
homes and larger apartments amid
chlorophyll-rich landscape.

Spread over an expanse of 2.87

acres, more than 1.5 acres will be
green landscaped areas.
These luxurious apartments have a
basement, podium and stilt parking


Aspire towers 18-22 , is a 1

BHK apartments .

These towers has 240

apartments of 530 and 572
sqft, spread across 5 towers of
12 storeys each.

They are surrounded by lush

green landscaped areas and
are located along the
Townships Crescent Road with
a school nearby.

The tower has the space

saving basement and stilt
parking, equipped with
sprinkler systems.

ASPIRE TOWERS 23-25 & 30-35

Tower 23-25

Simple, uncomplicated, organized.

Aspire tower 23-25 has 422 futuristic
Studio apartments ,located along the
Townships main crescent road and offer
breath-taking views.
Built keeping in mind the famed spaceefficient urban homes of Singapore and
Europe, these Studio Apartments give
you luxury and simplicity in compact,
chic apartments.
With areas of 400 sq. ft. and 465 sq. ft.,
these make perfect, compact residences
which is open and simple to-maintain
These towers provided with a podium,
basement and stilt parking that is
equipped with sprinkler systems to
ensure fire-safe parking.

Amanora Trendy Homes ( tower 30-3

Project Information
No. of towers: 6 (20 storeys each)
8 apartments / floor
Total area: 8 acres
Landscaped area: 5 acres


Amanora Town Center

Town Centre, admeasuring

30 lakh sq. ft.
The indigo Enclave, Saffron
Square and Amber Plaza, a
glitzy mix of Indian western
architecture open up
endless entertainment
There is a 9 screen multiplex
and a roof top restaurant
with fine dining options.

Amanora Town Center

Architect: Commercial SSA Architects, Pune

Retail Walker Architects, New Zealand
Retail Planning: Lunson Mitchenall, UK
Traffic: Halcrow, Hong Kong
Signages & Way Finding: Buchan, Australia
Developer:CRDPL (City Realty & Development
Pvt. Ltd. ) - a Joint Venture of City Corporation
Limited & Horizon V
Scalable office area from 800 sq. ft. to 8000 sq.
Landscaped gardens and courtyards
Shaded outdoor cafs and food courts
Ample parking for staff and visitors
Common area maintenance by a reputed
Property Management Firm
Professional Car-Parking Management System
ATM / Foreign Exchange available

Amanora Town Center

Levels C3/C4/C5 are designated as 4th / 5th / 6th floor in the sanctioned plan

Floor to Floor Height: 3.75 metres on level C3 and C4 : 4 metres on level C5

Modular offices from 950 sq. ft. to 8000 sq. ft.

65,000 sq. ft. Floor Plate

72 % Floor Efficiency

High Side A/C through Package Units provided. Tenant/Purchaser to do internal

ducting, grills and diffusers

Power Supply of 12.5 kva per 1000 sq. Ft.

100% Power Backup

Well-appointed common toilets on every floor

Fire Hydrants and tap off points on every floor

Smoke Detectors in common areas

Car Parking for 1 car per 1000 sq. ft. chargeable area

Security Systems include CCTV, Manned Security and other systems

Number of passenger elevators 4

Amanora Town Center


These towers are a distinct and iconic example of the new urban living in the growing city of
Pune, With its stepped futuristic design, green terraces and sky bridges.
Magnificent and awe-inspiring, these towers stand at the entrance and form a welcoming
gateway to the Township.
It get is attention , with its sparkling diamond effect with the swarovski elements like the
interior light fixtures.
It has about 45 stories ,which make it the tallest structure in the township ,as well as in pune.
The two towers are complemented by three smaller towers with a modern design which
reflects the beauty of the stepped towers.
An extensive lush podium deck connects the buildings on the 3rd level, passing through a
host of landscape features and entertainment zones.
Along with the integrated facilities at the environment deck, Gateway Towers 1 has an
exclusive sky spa, dip pool and a leisure zone on the 23rd level.
The unique shape of these towers also sets them apart from other buildings. Built with flowing
aesthetic lines and well-planned landscaped terrace gardens, which make it a unique.
As named , the gateway tower make a huge entrance to the township. The height of the twin
towers is 150 mts.


The building form is inspired from the

stepping contours around pune, which are
abstracted into a stepped building mass.

The towers sweeping profile creates luxurious

green decks for the corner apartment , which
take a a breathtaking panoramic view of the

The apartment facing the entrance are

luxurious and the elevator opens into the
unit ,with a landscape green terrace beyond.

It has the following amenities lounge , cinema

hall , library , grilling terrace with dinning
cabanas, spa , oxygen chamber , cricket and
golf simulator, kids activity room , gym , bar ,
internet lounge ,music & meditation room
,squash court , indoor game space
,multipurpose hall with kitchen at its lower


Hospital : A 130-bed,
multispeciality hospital - that
can be extended further to
accommodate 200 beds - has
been planned within the

Amanora has tied up with

Ruby Hall Clinic and
3 acres of land in
: The educational
the township
for this Park
at Amanora
will comprise state-of-the-art sports
and education academies.
About 30 acres of land has been set
apart for them with a total investment
of Rs. 250 cores in the next 3 to 5
It house facilities extending from preprimary school all the way up to
postgraduate level courses, with

SCHOOL (walk- to school concept )

This ICSE school is run by the Pawar Public Charitable Trust.
It boasts of a built-up area of more than 1.2 lakh square feet and large playgrounds.
The school has 52 classes and can accommodate up to 2,000 students at a time.
The school has more than 800 students in classes up to the 8th grade.
It has state-of-the-art facilities like a well-equipped laboratory, well-stacked library,
self-sufficient music room, and a large multi-purpose hall.


The school will follow the CBSE pattern of education.
The total built-up area of the school is 1.02 lakh square feet, and it will be able to
accommodate up to 2,000 students at a time.
Classrooms will be equipped with ICTs and digital content platforms that would
provide e-learning content for all grades.
Both schools are provided with playground at front and the roads provided with
pedestrian pavement and the cycle track enable the children to have a safe way to
their school

The world's first 'temple of
environment' is at Amanora Park
The idea is to generate awareness
among people aimed at preserving
and protecting our fragile
A very special "golden tree" is the
presiding deity of the temple.
Surrounded by gentle slopes with
flower - bearing trees and shrubs with
Kaddappa pathways, the temple
out for its aesthetically
Open landscape
area: 26
Existing developed area:
10 acres

As soon as you enter
Amanora Park Town will
be soothed by the sight
of greenery all around.
Lawns stretching out
for acres, flowerbearing trees on either
side of grassy
pathways, a cluster of
coconut trees around
the well, and a huge
lake with a jet




The Data Centre is the nerve centre of Amanora Park Township, which makes "digital
living" that translates into "fun living. It does that by using hi-tech servers and storage
Video surveillance systems security
SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data
cover for the township
Acquisition) for management of electrical
Access control system available for
sub-station, water treatment and sewage
every apartment in the entire
treatment plants
township "Smart cards" for citizens for
SAP and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
personalidentification and digitized,
for smooth functioning of management
multi-functional operations like access
Web portal to shop in neighborhood
to apartments, recharge of energy and
24x7x365 monitoring of the township by a
gas meter, etc.
dedicated IT team
"Smart home systems" in place like
Redundant power systems with backup
digital door locks, wall pad unit, gas
generators and UPS systems . Sophisticated
sensors, etc.Prepaid metering system
fire detection and suppression systems
installed for energy and gas supply

Road Infrastructure
The total road width of Crescent Road is 26.6 metres.
It has two lanes to prevent traffic snarls.
MORTH (Ministry of Road, Transport & Highways) norms have been
adhered to while laying down roads.
Bituminous roads have been laid out instead of concrete ones for a
smooth ride, to reduce abrasion of tyres and prevent mishaps due to
skidding during the monsoon.
All roads have pavements on either side dotted by trees.
Special zones on pavements for cyclists to encourage cycling