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Dakwah untuk rakyat Malaysia

samada Islam atau bukan Islam

Tujuh peringkat hidup


Musbri Mohamed
Managing Director
Yayasan PEKIDA Malaysia
Tujuh peringkat hidup manusia

1. Berkumpul di depan Allah s.w.t

2. Di dalam rahim Ibu
3. Sebelum umur baligh
4. Semasa umur baligh
5. Di dalam kubur
6. Mahsyar
7. Syurga / Neraka

Peringkat 1
Berkumpul di depan Allah s.w.t

Kesemua manusia dan makhluk lain berbaiah dengan Allah s.w.t

untuk dengar ,tunduk dan patuh kepada perintah Allah s.w.t. jika
Allah s.w.t menzahirkan mereka di dunia kecuali kaum Syaitan.
Kerana sombong maka kaum Syaitan redha dihumban secara kekal
ke neraka di Peringkat 7 dan bersumpah untuk membawa seramai
mungkin manusia bersama mereka ke neraka.
Peringkat 2
Di dalam rahim Ibu

Manusia ditanya samada masih ingin hadir ke dunia. Jika

“ya” maka lahir ke dunia sehingga Peringkat 4 . Jika
“tidak” akan meninggal dalam kandungan di Peringkat 2
atau meninggal sebelum akal baligh di Peringkat 3.
Peringkat 3
Sebelum umur baligh

Ibubapa mencorakkan anak-anak. Meninggal di Peringkat 3 sekiranya

mereka menjawab bahawa mereka “tidak” ingin lahir ke dunia
di Peringkat 2.
Mereka yang meninggal di Peringkat 3 adalah bersih daripada
sebarang dosa.
Peringkat 4
Semasa umur baligh

Masing-masing bertanggungjawab atas

perbuatan sendiri.
Akan direkod butiran baik (pahala ) dan
butiran jahat (dosa) masing-masing.

Peringkat 5
Di dalam kubur

Setiap yang hidup wajib mati.

And agony of death comes in truth. This is

what you wished to avoid. And the trumpet is
blown.This is the threatened Day. Sura 50 verse

Peringkat 6
Mahsyar Rising from the grave is going to happen.

"When we are dead and have

become dust and bones, shall we
then, indeed be raised again?"
Al Quran Sura 37 verse l6

In the name of Allah The

Beneficent,The Merciful Man
thinks that We shall not assemble
his bones Yes Truly! Yes, We are
able to restore his very fingers!
Sura 75 verses 3 & 4

And Allah it is Who sends the winds and they raise a cloud;
Then We lead it to a dead land and revive the earth after
its death. Such is the Resurrection. Sura 35 verse 9.

Peringkat 7
Syurga / Neraka

And you will see each

nation crouching each
nation called to its
record. (In time). And it
will be said to them: This
day you are repaid for
what you used to do.
Sura 45 verse 28

So whosoever does an atom's weight of good shall see it, and

whosoever does an atom's weight of evil shall see it (99:7-8).
Manusia timbangan baik akan masuk syurga; manusia yang
timbangan jahat akan masuk neraka bersama kaum syaitan. 18
Dr. Maurice Bucaille said in his book
"The Bible, the Qur'an and Science",
which was published by the American
Trust Publications 1979:

"Thanks to its undisputed authenticity, the

text of the Qur'an holds a unique place among
the books of Revelation, shared neither by the
Old nor the New Testament. In the first two
sections of this work, a review was made of the
alterations undergone by the Old Testament
and the Gospels before they were handed
down to us in the form we know today. The
same is not true for the Qur'an for the simple
reason that it was written down at the time of
the prophet".

When we read authentic knowledge of
Islam and other useful knowledge
needed to develop our total personality,
we become among the believers who do
righteous deeds, enjoin what is right and
forbid what is wrong. We become
among those, who in the Sight of Allah
as mentioned in the Holy Qur'an (i.e.,
3:110, 4:122 and 9:72), are the best
among mankind (hence, outstanding
Muslims) — who deserve His eternal
reward, the Supreme SUCCESS.

Selain itu , untuk membangunkan sebuah tamadun
Malaysia Baru dalam Abad ke 21, pemimpin dan rakyat
kita mestilah kembali berpegang pada ajaran Al-Quran
yang telah bertanggungjawab membangunkan
tamadun dan empayar Islam dari abad ke sembilan
hingga ke abad ke 13. Dalam Al-Quran Tuhan memberi
contoh raja Mesir atau Firaun yang dianggap sebagai
tuhan oleh rakyatnya, dan tuhan itu menghancurkan
mereka akhirnya.

Demikian kita mesti mengambil iktibar bahawa kita

wajib berpegang teguh dan tunduk kepada Allah dan
tidak boleh tunduk pada sesiapa selain Allah s.w.t.

N(N − 1) 2 N(N − 1)(N − 2) 3
( 1 + x) N = 1 + Nx + x + x + ...
2! 3!
N = 1: 1
N = 2: 1 2 1
N = 3: 1 3 3 1
N =4: 1 4 6 4 1
N = 5 : 1 5 10 10 5 1
N = 6 : 1 6 15 20 15 6 1

Modern scientists have been amazed by the accuracy of scientific information

presented in the Quran.
The Qur'an states several facts about astronomy which were discovered
in the late twentieth century .
There are over a hundred of these examples in several scientific fields in the Qur'an
which all have been proven to be scientifically true, in this Book which was
revealed fourteen hundred years ago.

It is the responsibility of the Ummah's thinkers
and scholars to concentrate their energies on
reform of the Ummah's thought, on clarifying its
vision, and on presenting these to the Ummah in
such a way that its institutions may derive benefit
from them.

Plan for tomorrow but
LIVE for today

The role of the present generation of
Muslims is first to understand the
nature of the present environment,
assess the range of possible
activities and available capabilities,
and then propose workable and
worthwhile ideas.

Data bagi renungan kawan-kawan bukan Islam di Malaysia

Di negara India terdapat lebih kurang 200 Juta orang bangsa India
beragama Islam.
Di negara China terdapat lebih kurang 60 Juta orang bangsa China
beragama Islam.
Di Malaysia cuma terdapat lebih kurang 16 Juta orang bangsa Melayu
beragama Islam. Semua orang Melayu di Malaysia beragama Islam.
Jauh lebih ramai bangsa India di India dan juga bangsa China di China
adalah penganut Islam berbanding bangsa Melayu di Malaysia.
Masyarakat yang bertamadun ialah masyarakat
yang berpaksikan akidah yang
mantap, keluhuran undang-undang islam,
kemakmuran yang diredhai oleh Allah dan
akhlak umat yang tinggi.

Every one will be taken away to escape the
unrelenting effect of time reversal that could take us
back to nothingness in our mothers wombs. In the
higher dimensions we will face the judgment for our
deeds in hell or heaven. From the Quran it appears
that the timing of the day of judgment will be never
known and it may come at any time. However again I
would like to add that the real knowledge of the day
of the day of judgment is with Allah only.

This article would serve as a source of warning
as well as encouragement for the believers. As
for the non believers I hope this would become a
starting point for further investigation into the
world of Islam.

What do Muslims believe?

There is only one God, Allah, who alone is worthy of being worshipped.
Mankind has been guided at various times by the messengers of Allah of
whom the most prominent were Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and
Mohammed. The final message was sent to the last prophet, Mohammed,
which replaces all previous messages. None of the prophets claimed to be
god or part-god - they were human and were obedient to Allah.

Finally, we wish to inform you that Islam is the universal message of

Allah to all mankind and prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) is
the last and final messenger of Allah.

Therefore, Allah will not accept any way of life except Islam. He said in the
Gracious Qur'an which is translated as follows:
"And any one who chooses a way of life other than Islam, it will not be
accepted from him and in the hereafter he will be one of the losers." (3:85)

Please save yourself by embracing Islam.