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E- Portofolio

PRESENTER : Camenschi
DATE: February 21, 2015

What is an E-Portfolio?

An E-Portfolio
Is a collection of a students work that can
advance learning by providing a way for
them to organize, archive, and display work.
The electronic format allows an instructor to
evaluate student portfolios via the Internet,
CD-ROM, DVD, or zip disk. Electronic
portfolios have become a popular
alternative to paper-based portfolios
because they provide the opportunity to
review, communicate and give feedback in
an asynchronous manner.

Why Use An E-Portfolio?

Storage/Access of online information, hyperlinked
with one another so, users do not have to worry
about losing or misplacing documents.
Multimedia: Once the student work is organized,
users can add easily add sound, pictures, graphics
and video to the electronic portfolio.
Computer Skills: Students gain valuable computer
skills while creating and editing their portfolio.
Assessment:Electronic portfolios directly relate
student work as an evidence of learning to the
defined standards or criteria.

The similarities and dissimilarities

between portfolio and e-portfolio
-Using goals
-Process operation
-Security problems
-Exchanging ideas
-Continuously updating
-Reflective thinking
-Presentation of the
studies, reflective learning,
reflection and sampling
-Ensuring the transition to
life-long learning
-Emphasizing the

Dissimilarities :
Portfolio :
- Storage Problems
- Exchanging ideas is easier
among people
-Cost of Cheap Management
-Easily Publishing of Studies
E-Portfolio :
-Easy Sharing
-Exchanging ideas with broad masses
-Focusing on product rather than process
-Accessing and updating anywhere
-The need of computer and internet
infrastructure to use it
-Limited access opportunity

Advantagesof an
e-Portfolio . . .

develops and demonstrates technology skills

ability to include a greater range of artifacts
can better capture the dynamic process of teaching and learning
easier to revise and maintain
enables connections within the portfolio
reusability of artifacts in different contexts or multiple portfolios
greater ease of distribution to interested parties
accessible from anywhere and to a wide audience
highly portable
simpler to receive feedback on
more opportunities to display creativity
creates technological self-confidence

primary school students have greater
difficulty in creating electronic
Can not be quickly and easily
is difficult to judge according to strictly
scale because it reflects the student's
creativity and originality

Types of E-portfolios

Developmental/Growth Portfolios:demonstrate the

advancement and development of student skills over a
period of time. Developmental portfolios are considered
works-in-progress and include both self-assessment and
reflection/feedback elements. The primary purpose is to
provide communication between students and teachers.
Assessment Portfolios:demonstrate student
competence and skill for well-defined areas. These may be
end-of-course or program assessments primarily for
evaluating student performance. The primary purpose is to
evaluate student competency as defined by program
standards and outcomes.
Showcase Portfolios:demonstrate exemplary work
and student skills. This type of portfolio is created at
the end of a program to highlight the quality of
student work. Students typically show this portfolio

Types of E-portfolios
Hybrids:Most portfolios are hybrids of the three
types of portfolios listed above. Rarely will you find
a portfolio that is strictly used for assessment,
development or showcase purposes.
!!!Self-reflection is an important component
of electronic portfolio development.
If you do not require participants to self-reflect
on the artifacts they add to the portfolio,
they will not gain from the rich learning
experience that e-portfolio development can

Profile: About Me, Values & Beliefs, Future Career Plan,

Interest & Hobbies
Summary: Purpose of the Portfolio, My Accomplishment
(academic, extracurricular), Future direction
Showcase: artifacts of projects, achievements
Qualifications: Award, Educational background, Working
experience, Extracurricular activity

Megan's E-Portfolio
Laura's Eortfolio;
Donald E-Portfolio;
Lauren's E-Portfolio;
Danielle's E-Portfolio

E-Portfolios could be designed

using either well known blog sites
as Wordpress , Wikispaces and
or the new ones, such as
Google sites, Portfoliopen, Edublog
, Pathbrite and FolioSpaces