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I am passionate about
social justice for families;
it is the driving factor in
the work I do with parents
and children every day,
my murals, etc.

My murals are my nonverbal expression about my views
about diversity and social justice issues. They talk about
diversity of abilities, disabilities, families, gender, age, race,
socioeconomic status, etc.

Child Welfare Institute

DCYF Training at RIC
Pathways Strategic Teaching Center
URI Providence Campus
Trudeau Center
Journey to Hope Health and Healing

Child Welfare Institute Mural

University of Rhode Island Providence Campus Cafeteria


DCYF Training Center at Rhode Island College

I have experience teaching a wide
range of learners from diverse
backgrounds at:

The Trudeau Center

RISD Young Artists
John Hope Settlement House
Childrens Enrichment Center
Lippitt House

My education experience has

given me advanced perception of
local nonprofit agencies, their
leaders, and what they offer
Art Class at Pathways
Strategic Teaching Center

My experience has taught me how to guide parents

to use a majority of positive behavior techniques,
finding access to funding sources for childcare, and
developmentally appropriate programs
At John Hope we work daily
with at-risk families to
achieve greater academic
success by creating
realistic learning goals
based on the families
needs and children's
Im motivated to provide
ongoing sustainable
programs where youth can John Hope Kindergarten at
feel free and safe to grow Providence Childrens Museum
and express themselves

Working with partners to enhance family welfare and youth
programming is a huge part of the work Ive done at John
Hope, RISD, and CEC.
At John Hope we work to sustain relationships with:

Community Connections Volunteers from Roger Williams


New Urban Arts
CommunityMusic Works
Roger Williams Community Connections
We offer a weekly food pantry through RI Community Food Bank
We have a teaching garden through Brown University and JWU
We offer local food through Farm Fresh RI
We offer staff and parent trainings through DCYF, Ready2Learn, an Bright Stars
Check-up From the Neck Up
Healthsource RI
CCFP Food Program

Out of School Time Gardening Program through Johnson and Wales

We council parents and
families every day at John
Hope. It takes a sense of
humor, training a tight knit
and knowledgeable team,
and meeting day to day with
families to form very tight
and trusting relationships.
Offering parent workshops is
very important for
strengthening those

Radical Self Love Workshop at

PeaceLove Studios

Ultimately, the work I do is about

celebrating parents,
children, and staff. I hope that we
can work together to not only
provide access to progress but to
celebrate growth, learning, and