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The concept of teaching as a profession

Ethic and accountability
Ethical Issues
Teacher Development
Teachers Roles
Education Organization structure
Teachers Professional Development and life long

Professional teacher
knowledge in terms of content, pedagogical content
knowledge and basic pedagogical knowledge.
Capable of Making Decisions ,Solving Problems and
think creatively.
Become a member of the teachers union
Comply with teachers code of ethics

Accountability (characteristics)
Lifelong learning
Role model
Alert to the trends and reforms in the education system
Respect their profession and always try to carry out
their duties properly

Expert teacher
Master communication skills .
Knowledgeable and skilled in ICT, explore innovation and new findings in the
subjects .
Conduct research , produce academic writing and research , explore innovations
and new findings in the field of specialized subjects and present the results.
Capable of advising and guiding teacher in the field of specialized subjects
Prepared to perform tasks as directed by the District Education Officer , State
Director of Education and Division Director in the Ministry of Education .
Implement instructional planning base on the subject of specialization and the
development of the students according to the highest standards set by the
Ministry of Education. Take into account the students learning style and develop
concepts in the representation of cognitive structure .

Sample questions
List out the characteristics of professional teacher
Explain how to become a professional teacher
As a teacher, reflective practitioner is very important. Discuss the
effects on teaching and learning if the teacher reflect her work
Discuss accountability of the teacher. As a teacher, how do you fulfilled
the accountability to students, school and yourself
Suggest lifelong learning culture, that a teacher should practice in
schools. Give justification on how these culture help the teacher in
their profession
One challenge in leadership is to include special needs programme in
school. Discuss what kind of challenges that the leader might face and
suggest ways to encounter the challenge by using leadership theories

Sample question
Give characteristic of each stage from novice, competent, effective
and expert. Discuss how a novice teacher develop he/herself to
expert teacher
Discuss the role of teacher in primary school. As a teacher, how far
you could practice the roles
Discuss four types of leaderships and explain the characteristics of
each type of leadership. Which types of leadership is more effective.
Justify your answer
What do you understand by ethical issues in teaching? Discuss to
what extent ethical issues in teaching affect the quality of teachers
in the classroom
Choose a few aspirations from MEB and relate to leadership