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Death Valley - California

Bruno Pessuto

Geography of Death
Located in California near its border with Nevada.
The lowest point in the contiguous U.S. at an elevation of -282 feet (-86
One of the hottest and driest in the country.
Area of about 3,000 square miles (7,800 sq km) and runs from the north
to the south.
Located only 76 miles (123 km) fromMount Whitney,
The hottest temperature ever recorded was 134F (57.1C) at Furnace
Creek on July 10, 1913.
Contains salt pans which indicate that the area was once a large inland
Most of the vegetation consists of low lying shrubs or no vegetation
unless near a water source. Joshua Trees and Bristlecone Pines can be
found at some higher locations
In the spring after winter rains, Death Valley is known to have large
plant and floral blooms in its wetter areas.
home to many different types of small mammals, birds and reptiles.
There are also a variety of larger mammals in the area which include
Bighorn Sheep, coyotes, bobcats, kit foxes and mountain lions.
Death Valley is home to more than 1000 species of plants and more


Humans made their mark in Death Valley at least 9,000 years ago,
with rock art and other artifacts left behind as evidence.
Home to Native American tribes, and today the Timbisha tribe
inhabits the region.
On February 11, 1933, Death Valley was made a National
Monument byPresident Herbert Hoover. In 1994, the area was redesignated as a National Park.
The valley received its English name in 1849 during theCalifornia
Gold Rush.
Notable locations:

Badwater Basin
China Ranch
Dante's View
Father Crowley Viewpoint
Furnace Creek
Harmony Borax Works
Hells Gate
Hog Ranch
Myers Ranch
Russell Camp
New Ryan
Upper and Lower Noonday Camp
Shoreline Butte
Stovepipe Wells
TecopaTecopa Hot Springs
West Side Borax Camp
Wilson Ranch
Wildrose Ranger Station

Fun Facts

Sailing stones,sliding rocks, andmoving rocksall refer to

ageological phenomenonwhere rocks move and inscribe long
tracks along a smooth valley floor without human or animal
Dozens of scenes from Star Wars have been filmed in Death Valley.

Artist's Palette (the Sandcrawler scene fromStar Wars Episode IV: A New Hope)
Golden Canyon (Jawa scenes fromStar Wars Episode IV: A New Hope)

Artist's Palette, aptly named for range of colors in this rock unit,
gets its colors fromoxidation of differentmetals
Ubehebe Crater, researchers believes it's between 2,000 to 7,000
years old, but new findings peg it at 8,000 years old. But everyone
agree it's huge- half a mile wide and 500 to 777 feet deep

Lodging / Activities
Furnace Creek Resort
Bed & Breakfast at $163


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