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The main objectives of advertising
The origin and evolution of advertising
Types of advertising
Forms of advertising:
Political advertising

Social advertising

Commercial advertising

Importance of advertising
Critics to advertising industry


Advertising is the activity of

attracting public attention to a

product, service or even an idea by
influencing their buying behavior .
The purpose of advertising is to
promote a product or a service in
order to increase sales and create a
branding of the product so that a
customer loyalty base will be

The objectives of advertising

The main objectives of advertising

Trial : the companies which are in their

introduction stage generally work for this

objective. The trial objective is the one
which involves convincing the customers
to buy the new product introduced in the
market. Here, the advertisers use flashy
and attractive ads to make customers
take a look on the products and purchase
for trials.

Continuity : this objective is concerned

about keeping the existing customers to

stick on to the product. The advertisers
here generally keep on bringing
something new in the product and the
advertisement so that the existing
customers keep buying their products.

Brand switch : this objective is

basically for those companies who want

to attract the customers of the
competitors. Here, the advertisers try to
convince the customers to switch from
the existing brand they are using to their

Switching back : this objective is for

the companies who want their previous

customers back, who have switched to
their competitors. The advertisers use
different ways to attract the customers
back like discount sale, new advertise,
some reworking done on packaging, etc.

the origin and evolution of advertising

The first advertisement printed in

English was a handbill printed in

The first advertising agency, which
was set up by volney palmer in
boston in 1841
During world war 1, advertising
became a medium for propaganda.

In the first part of the 20th century,

the advertising industry took

advantage of the reach, apread, and
popularity of mass media.
The 1960s advertising transform into
a modern, more scientific approach.

Types of advertising

Traditional advertising:
television ads
Radio ads
Press ads

Non traditional advertising

The internet
Mobile advertising
Blogs, celebrities, street teams, wrapped

vehicles, and product sampling

Forms of advertising

Political advertising :
Political advertising is an advertising

chose central focus is the marketing of

ideas and concerns about public issues
including political concepts and political

social advertising :
Its about applying marketing and

advertising principles to promote health,

social issues bringing about positive
behavior change.

Social advertising is non-

commercial aimed for societal

benefit, permormed by
government, ngo or big

Commercial advertising :
Commercial advertising involves
commercial interests and promoting sales
rather than evocating a social or political

Importance of advertising
There are several reasons why advertising

is an important part of the marketers

promotional mixes.
Firstly, it is very cost effective method to

communicate to a large audience.

Secondly, it helps create brand image and

symbolic appeal for the brand which is a very

important for companies selling product/services
that are difficult to differentiate on functional

Advertising critics
Advertising creates needs desires

that we would not have otherwise.

Much advertising information is
Advertising helps sell inferior
Advertising encourages materialism.