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Tourism-The Concept

is a pleasure activity in which

money earned in ones normal domicile
is spent in the places visited.
Tourism is a temporary and short-term
movement of people.
Tourism is the activity concerned with
the utilization of leisure hours.

Tourist-The Concept

are the voluntary travellers,

travelling in the expectations of pleasure
from the novelty and change experienced on
a relatively and non-recurrent round-trip.
Tourists are:
Persons travelling for pleasure,health and
domestic reason.
Persons travelling for business purpose.
Persons travelling for convention.

Not to be Tourists:
Persons arriving without a work to take up an
Persons coming from rural areas to urban areas.
Students in boarding.
Persons passing through a country without


can be classified into different categories

in the face of its motive, regional variations,
number and arrangements.
Recreational Tourism: the tourists get an
opportunity to get away from the day-to-day
humdrum and refresh their mind and energy to
enrich their potentials for delivery goods without
developing monotony.
Cultural Tourism:It satisfies the cultural curiosity
of tourists and for that, they visit ancient
monuments, and places of historic and religious


Tourism:It makes available to the tourists a

suitable place for recovery or medical treatment
such as places having curative potentials.
Incentive Tourism:it offers holiday trips as
incentives to dealers and salespeople specially by
big tourist organisations.
Domestic tourism:it belongs to the normal
domicile of tourists or to the areas in their own
country and do not require any documentation for
World Tourism:in this tourism we find travelling to
countries other than their own with a different
economic and political system.


Tourism: The tourists are found moving

Group Tourism: Tourists travelling as a member of
a group.
Social Tourism: The tour arrangements for the
weaker sections of society with the assistance of
government or any other agency are found in this
Mass Tourism: It refers to the participation of a
large number of people in tourism

Designing a Package Tour


The development of destination or tourist

sites has a far reaching impact on attracting the tourists. It
is essential that destination or the tourist sites are easily
accessible. This necessitates safe, fast and reliable
transportation facilities hither and thither the tourist sites.
Management of Airport: while managing the tourism
product, the airports are required to be managed carefully.
The arrangements of car parking should be safe and
adequate. It should not be congested but it should be
Airlines: The flights should maintain the time schedule
otherwise a dislocation may invite multi-faceted problems,
not only to the tourists but even to the airport authorities.
The service should be reliable, good, and polite.


and Rail Transportation: The booking and

reservation counters should be managed
scientifically. The enquiry window should be
controlled by efficient and well-behaved staffs.
Hotels: The hotel personnel should be trustworthy
and competent enough to speak English and
other regional languages. They are supposed to
be friendly.
Resort Representatives: Regarding
representatives of resort, they should be
knowledgeable, friendly, accessible and


operators: The tour operators should be

reliable where the guaranteed services are made
available to the guests without making any
distortion. The price should reflect good value for
Tour Agents: They should provide extra services
to the tourists. Free transfer to airport and free
insurance facilities induce tourists.
Miscellaneous: The main thing is to make the tour
pleasant and memorable.

Salient Features Of Tourism Product

Tourism product is highly perishable
The tourism product is a service product
The service are for pleasure
Users are supposed to visit the centre
The users are a heterogeneous group of people


The Promotion Mix


the promotional messages to the

target market is an important task before the
marketing managers for which a number of ways
and means are used.
The tourism promotion is an effort to implement
marketing plan formulated by the tourist
The promotional measures are based on what the
tourist organisations can sell.


It is an important component of
promotional mix. The advertising helps in
furnishing important information to the actual and
potential tourists. Its coverage is wide.
It essentially follows the AIDA principle of
attracting the attention, creating interest,
fostering desire, and inspiring action.
Advertising in a true sense is a communication
link between the seller and the buyer.
It is a positive device to increase or promote the


It focuses our attention on

strengthening the public relations measures by
developing a rapport with the media people and
getting their personalised support in publicising
the business.
It helps in projecting the positive image of tourist
organisations since the prospects trust on the
news items published by the media people.
The publicity programme include regular publicity
stories and photographs to the newspapers,
travel editors, contact with magazines on stories,
ideas and the framing of outlines and pictures,


promotion: Much communication

about tourism actually takes place by word-ofmouth information which in true sense is word-ofmouth recommendation. In the tourism industry
word-of-mouth promoters play the role of a
hidden salesforce, who instrumentalises the
process of selling but often we fail to recognise
their contributions.


selling: it is based on the personal skill

of an individual.
The oral representation in conversation bears the
efficacy of transforming the motivation into
persuasion. Hence we find persuasion the main
thing in the modern marketing management.
The development of travel and tourism has been
possible due to well educated and trained sales
It is essential that the sales personnel approach
customers in a friendly and confident manner.


In the tourism industry, we find a

big scope for the use of telemarketing. The travel
agents, offices of airways, receptionists,
secretaries cant work efficiently if the telephonic
services are not up to the mark. This makes a
strong advocacy in favour of recruiting a person
considered to be professionally-sound, personallycommitted and having high communicative ability
to receive, present and impress. A number of
queries are required to be answered. The
information related to booking, confirmation,
cancellation are required to be transmitted. The
confusion and misunderstanding regarding the
image problem are to be removed.


positive points regarding the destination or

the peripheral services are required to be
And these functional responsibilities require due
support of telemarketers.
The quality of technology and the communicative
ability of telemarketers determine the magnitude
of success of this component of the promotion



pricing decisions are found critical and

challenging since it is a multi-segment industry.
When a tourist purposes to visit a particular place
, the total cost on his/her travelling includes the
expenses incurred on transportation,
accommodation, communication or so.
Pricing decisions must be wise since the unwise
and irrational pricing decisions make the ways for
image problem.
The motive while setting the pricing structure is
to increase the business.


The tourism industry is a multi-segmented industry
where accommodation, attraction, transportation,
and communication are found important.
The product of these service includes air, sea,
road, rail carriers, hotels and other forms of tourist
In addition, the facilities like catering, amusement,
shopping etc. add attraction to the product.


services reach to the ultimate users

through tour operators and the travel agents.
The instrumentality of transport operators, tour
operators and travel agents determine the
processing of services.


tourism services being an amalgam of

different industries need due attention of all the
concerned industries for right and time-honoured
processing. The services reach to the ultimate
users through the channels working as transport
operators, tour operators, and travel agents and
The transport operators, tour operators work as
wholesaler whereas travel agents work as retailer.


the services of travel agents depend on

transportation and accommodation and therefore,
for processing, it is imperative that all the
concerned agencies and people working thereon
make it sure that the promised quality of services
reach to the tourists on time.
We find time management playing an important
role in the service delivery and service recovery


travel agents and front-line staff working

there fail in offering the promised services if the
rail transportation, road transportation and civil
aviation services do not extend due co-operation.
Right and time-honoured processing thus
determine the magnitude of satisfaction of
tourists. Because we find word-of-mouth
communication considerably influencing industry,
it is imperative that all possibilities for the
creation of image problem are ruled out.



most sensitive point for the tourism industry

is the office of travel agents from where the
services reach to the tourists. The interior
decoration, furnishing, display of information and
communication technology, signposts,
ventilation, lightning, business cards need right
In this submix, the professionals also need to
think about the dresses of employees. They need
to look smart, neat and clean and wear uniform in
the face of uniform code.


physique of employees working in the offices

of travel agents or acting as travel guides or
working in the hotels and airlines becomes
significant in the very context.
In the tourism business image plays an important