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(Human Resource

Presented By,
Muhammad Faisal Memon.

Human Resource

Structure of HRM department.

HRM Operations.
HRM Planning.
Functions of HRM.
HRM support to other Department.
Weakness of HRM department.


Sitara Textile is one of the largest

manufacturer and exporter of textile in
It having assets of worth more than
US$ 4.00 Billions.
The total area of the subjected premises
consists of 102 kinals 17 marlas(12
Ackers 7 Canals)

Major Departments:-.

There are five major departments and

over 1750 employees working including
top and middle level. They are:Administration

Human Resource

Structure of the HRM Department:The department of HRM is called

the personnel department. There
are only 5 personnel who actually
handle the departments affairs
and about 1500 employees are
working. There is great work that is
to be done by 5 persons but they
feel burden on themselves.

HRM Operations:

At the organizational level, senior managers

who set the organizations goals should
analyze needs.
At the operations level, the managers who
specify how the organizations goals are
going to be achieved should analyze needs.
At the individual level, the managers and
workers who do the work to achieve those
goals should analyze needs, keeping in mind
that performance is a function both of
ability and motivation.

HRM Planning:

A talent inventory to assess current human

resources and to analyze how they are
currently being used.
Action plans to enlarge the pool of people
qualified to fill the projected vacancies through
such actions as recruitment, selection, training,
placement, transfer, promotion, development
and compensation.
Control and evaluation to provide feedback on
the overall effectiveness of the human resource
planning system by monitoring of HR objective.

HRM Functions:

Human resources planning

Training & Development
Compensation Management
Employee Evaluation
Employee Movement and
Replacement .

HRM support to other


Major driving forces in the business

Major business initiatives in the
business unit.
Primary directions.
Major priorities for key executives
of the business unit.

Weakness of the HRM


Planning:-Personal Department does not

search for and does not know whether
there is need of new employee at same job
or not. They only know who is going out
and there is a vacancy at the place of out
going employee.

Training & Development:-At Sitara Textile

every new employee trains himself at his
own because training is not done or given
properly by the organization.

Weaknesses of the HRM


Compensation Plans :-Compensation and

reward system is not very much impressive that
is way qualified and talented people hesitating
to join Sitara Textile. Motivation level and
morale of employees are low which affects the
periodicity of the organization.

Recruitment :-Recruiting is to attract qualified

people to apply for positions with an
organization. Sitara Textile do not advertise
their job in newspaper but let the people be
informed by existing employees.


There is lack of human resource planning, lack of

recruiting activities, lack of job analysis,
compensation and reward system is not very
much attractive and employees are not well
motivated in Sitara Textile.
One good thing of this department is that the
department let the employees follow the rules
and regulations set by the organization strictly.
Attendance is strictly checked and leaves as well.
So there are good and bad both present in the
human resource department of Sitara Textile.
HRM department is not established and not
considered to be very much important. Low
attention is paid to this department by upper
level management.

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