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Blow Mould Design

IIT? All compound in blow mould is made of same
material? why

No, each parts (like neck and shoulder, pinch

off) have a seperate function

What is the common property for all

componants in blow mould?

Have good thermal conductivity when parision

in contact

List out the blow mould components


Base plate
Guiding members
Neck and base inserts
Mould cavity

Blow Mould Design

Base plate
What is the function of base plates in blow mould?

Purpose of mounting the mould on the machine


IIT? Compressive forces are too high in base plate?


Which is right material for base plate

Mild steel

Guiding members
IIT? Guide pin and guide bushes must be very

Yes for proper allignment

IIT? Guide pin and bushes will not wear and

tear very fast

No wear very fast

Which material is suitable for guide pin and


Case hardening steel

Neck and base inserts

IIT? Neck and base constitute areas of heat


Why neck and base insert should be made out

of hardenable steel?

For welding of the open ends of the

And cutting of the flash of takes place

How many cycle neck and shoulder of inert

can be used

1,00,000 cycle

Cutting edges are not renovated (sharpen) in

time what will happen?

Yield a thick parting line

Do not cut the flash cleanly
And make deflashing a difficult

How much hardness recommended for

hardened steel?

58-60 Rc recommended

Mould cavity
Which material is suitable for mould cavity

Unalloyed medium C-Steel

IIT? C-Steel good thermal conductivity

No, poor thermal conductivity

Then, how heat is dissipated from C-steel

(mould cavity)

Cooling can be placed fairly close to the


IIT? Mould cavities for PVC require a corrosion

proof surface? Why

yes chloring will corrode in pipe

What type of blow mould cavity material used

for PVC

Hard chrome plate

What is the major problem if using chrome plating

coated plate

Layer of Cr can peel off after some times

What is the restrication of cr-plated mould

Not required to produce large no of quanties

Which material is suitable for long run

Stainless steel

Aluminium alloy
What are the major advantage of Al-alloy in
making blo mould

Light weight, adquated hard and tough,

easily machinable, very good conductor of

Al- alloy have excellent tensile strength? What

is the adv. In mould (using this property)

Moulds with fairly long life

IIT? Steel inserts are not necessary for Alalloy blow mould


IIT? Al-alloy blow mould is good in thermal


Yes. It is cooled superior to other mould


What are the surface hardenss are provided

to Al-alloy blow mould? To improvement

Chrome plating, chemical Ni-plating

What is the major disadvantagen of Al-alloy based

blow mould

Machining cost is expensive, time consuming


Zinc alloys
what is the major adv. Of Zn alloys

Adv: free from blow holes

Disadv: senstive to pressure even at low

Be-Cu alloys
What are distinguished features of Be-Cu

Excellent heat conductivity

Adequate tensile strength
Freedom from blow holes
Dimensional accuracy
Corrosion proofines

What is major disadv. Of brass bronze?

Restricted moulds
Require no pinch off along the sidewalls

What are adv. Of brass and bronze

Good conductors of heat

Cheaper than Be-Cu alloys
Easy to machine
Inserts for logo and scripts etc

Thermosetting resins
What are the Thermosetting resins used in
Blow moulding

Polyester, epoxy resin, impregnated with

metal powders

IIT? Thermosetting resin bloq mould are not

short lived?

No, short lived

Use only small no. Of mouldings for trials
at development stage of a new product

What is major adv. Of thermosetting resin

Simplicity of the process

No special equipment
Experimental moulds in a short time at a
low cost