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A Mother's

Brenda Encarnacin
Emmanuel Gonzlez

Obamas origin
He was born on August 4th, 1961,
in Honolulu, Hawaii, to a mother
from Kansas, Stanley Ann
Dunham, and a father from
Kenya, Barack Obama Sr. He was
also raised by his grandfather,
who served in Pattons army, and
his grandmother, who worked her
way up from the secretarial pool
to become vice president at a
local bank.

Obamas Difficult live

Son of a white woman from Kansas and
a Kenyan immigrant, as a child he had
difficult moments. In the mother's family
did not seem that was a good idea
wedding a white girl with a black man,
but neither did between paternal
relatives. Nevertheless, Barack (father)
and Shirley, married and started a
family. When young Barack was two, his
father left them a scholarship to study
Economics at Harvard, and then returned
to Kenya. Obama would only see his
father once when he was 10 years old.

Yes we can
At the Democratic Convention held in
Denver in 2004 Obama was asked to
deliver the keynote speech and his
words of hope, unity and defense of
the "American Dream" rose from their
seats to attendees. It was a brilliant
speech that began comparing with the
famous "I have a dream" of Martin
Luther King in defense of freedom and
against slavery and secession in 1958.
For his party, it was a star.
"Yes, we can These convictions led
Obama to stand for Democratic

Political Career
The meteoric political career
Obama seems touched by the
magic: in just 10 years, has
managed to be president of
the United States. He began
advocating social policies in
his adopted city, Chicago, and
soon highlighted their skills
when talking and convictions.

Political Career
Barack Obama was elected to the Illinois
State Senate in 1996. During his time in
Springfield, he passed the first major ethics
reform in 25 years, cut taxes for working
families, and expanded health care for
children and their parents. Elected to the
U.S. Senate in 2004, winning 70 percent of
the vote and defeating more experienced
candidates. It was the beginning of
"Hurricane Obama. he reached across the
aisle to pass the farthest-reaching lobbying
reform in a generation, lock up the worlds
most dangerous weapons, and bring
transparency to government by tracking
federal spending online.

President Obama
Barack Obama was sworn in as
president on January 20th, 2009, in
the middle of the worst economic
crisis since the Great Depression, at a
time when our economy was losing
800,000 jobs a month. He acted
immediately to get our economy
back on track. Since then, the private
sector has added back more than 10
million jobs during the longest,
uninterrupted period of job growth in
our nations history.

He use a direct approach because the audience
that he spoke is one resistive so he use that
approach to persuade the audience too.
In my personal opinion the main purpose of
Obama to creating this video was to enter in the
hearts of the viewers / listeners and show how
hard it has been his life and this never stopped
him to get where he are or what he do. I
understand that he want to bring a message of
struggle, like his catchword say YES WE CAN .
To grab the attention he use nonverbal gestures
such as hugging and affection to people. Besides
talking about how difficult was his childhood and
adolescence inciting the sensitivity of people to
see the video and press attention to it.
The time he use to make the video was cocise
an accurate , handling well over time.

Obama not only symbolizes the
equality of black society, but
also a turning point in the way
of governing the world's most
powerful country. And what has
struck a chord in every corner
of the planet: live the American
dream, that dream that with
perseverance and overcoming,
absolutely anything is possible.