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Integrated Market
communication of

Name- Zahidur Rahman

University of liberal Arts

Beximco Pharmaceuticals
In Bangladesh, among the pharmaceutical companies,
Beximco Pharma Limited is one of the leading
pharmaceutical companies, who have started their business
in the year of 1980, when they were just responsible for
both manufacturing and marketing of the licensed drugs
from the other countries like Germany, U.S.A and so on.
During the year of 1985, they started to issue the public
share in the both Dhaka and Chittagong stock exchange, in
the recent days they have around 10% market share of
their own in the domestic market.
BPL started the chemical division in the year of 1990 to
maintain the consistent growth of the local pharmaceutical

Background of IMC

Integrated Market communication has a significant role to play in order to

design and implement successful marketing program for the company.
Integrate Marketing communication is being used by all kind of organizations
and for a big range of purposes. In this age, information is a major part for
any company. For Pharmaceuticals Company like Beximco it is essential to
know the customer needs and satisfaction level, position of market,
competitor position and how the company apply their marketing strategies.
So, Integrate Marketing communication Department can play a vital role to
answer all of these questions thoroughly relevant, accurate, reliable, valid
and current information. Integrate Market communication Department very
efficiently can help management by providing effective information for
effective decision-making as well to facilitate the
designing and
implementation of important marketing strategies as well as promotion,
advertising and positioning and solving the problem successfully to compete
in the marketplace successfully.

Objectives of the study

To know the nature of Marketing
communication pharmaceutical
companies industry in Bangladesh.
To know the problem and prospect of
Integrated Market Communication of
Beximco Pharma Limited.

The paper is done with both qualitative and quantitative
research. This has taken the form of descriptive and
exploratory research. For this paper I have used both
primary and secondary data. Sources of data are mainly
survey but also articles journals of BPL. Primary data
has been collected through survey from throughout the
Dhaka city and secondary data has been collected from
various published sources and internet.

Data collection
To complete this study I would like to collect both primary
and secondary data. Primary data were collect through
survey among 30 establish pharmacy reprehensive in
Dhaka. I also go head office of Beximco they give me
some valuable information about my project this things
help me to accomplish my work. Secondary data
sources were literature review.
Data Analysis
Among the 30 best pharmacies in Dhaka I ask these
questions to the retailer they give some valuable opinion
which is very valuable for my report.

Questionnaire Development &


Finding & Analysis

Beximco pharmaceuticals integrated marketing communications (IMC)
provide an approach designed to deliver one consistent message to buyers
across an organizations promotions that may span all different types of
media TV, radio, magazines, the Internet, and mobile phones. For real
example, We are Building a Healthier Tomorrow slogan in the print ads it
places in newspapers print and magazines article or cover, in ads on the
Internet, and in commercials on television and radio.

Integrated Media Approach of


Personal selling
Public relations (PR)
Sales promotions
Trade promotions
Direct marketing


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