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Course Structure

Tractor & power tiller driving.

Brief description of implement &
machinery required for development
leveling, field preparation, shaping
etc .
Study of ploughing and their method.

Tractor & power tiller driving

Primary implements
1. Disc plough
2. M-B plough
3. Sub-soiler plough
4. Chisel plough
5. Reversible plough

Secondary plough
1. Offset disc plough
2. Tendon disc harrow
3. Paddy offset disc harrow
4. Trailed-type harrow
5. Trailed-type power harrow
6. Cultivator
7. Sweep type cultivator
8. Duck-foot cultivator
9. Rotavator
11.Band forma(M-B type, disc type)
12.Sugarcane planter

13. Raised-bed planter

14. Potato planter
15. Maize sheller
16. Seed cum fertilizer drill
17. Potato elevator cum digger
18. Shrub master
Bullock drawn implement
1. Cultivator
2. Disc harrow
3. Wheat thresher
4. Seed cum fertilizer drill
5. M-B plough

Manually operated implements

1. Padel operated thresher
2. Seed drill
3. Winnoer
4. Maize sheller
5.Potato peeler
6. Potato silcer
7.Groundnut decoritator
Power tiller operated implement
1. M-B plough
2. Cultivator
3. Rotavator tynes
4. Ridgger

Name of the power tiller

1. VST power tiller (Mitshubishi) 9-12 HP
2. KAMCO power tiller 12 BHP
3. Sharachi power tiller 12-15 BHP
4. Grcaves power tiller 12-15 BHP
5. Amar rotary power tiller 5 BHP
6. KAMCO power reaper
7. Reaper Binder
8. Combine harvester
9. Bardhan self propelled reaper
10.Tractor mounted front reaper
11.Tractor mounted rear reaper
12.Fodder harvester

1. Rotary tiller
2. Garuda power tiller
3. BCS power weeder
4. Traveller irrigator
5. Seed dressing drum
6. Seed dryer
7. Potato chips cum dryer
8. Air compressor
9. Dal mill
10.Cone polisher
11.Rice separator

Tractor Driving
Pre-starting check of tractor
1) First time tractor on level ground & proceed as follows:
2) Check of the water level in radiator and fill if necessary.
3) Check of the fan belt tension(1/2-3/4)
4) Check air cleaner oil level (SAE 30/40)
5) Check of the engine oil level in sump by dipstick
6) Check transmission oil level (SAE 90)
7) Check of the oil level in air cleaner
8) Check of the clutch pedal free play (1/2-3/4)
9) Check of the brake pedal free play (1/2-3/4)
10)Check of the fuel in tank and fill it up if necessary
11)Check of the tyre pressure
12)Check of the battery electrolyte level by hydrometer.

After starting check of tractor:-

1)Check of the oil pressure

2)Check of the water
temperature gauge.
3)Check of the light, horn &
4)Check hydrolic system.
5)Check ammeter gauge.

Starting procedure of a

1. Put the gear level in neutral

2. Put the ignition key into the
switch and turn ON.
3. Press the clutch pedal fully.
4. If the engine does not starts
within 5 seconds, then give
some rest and then try again.