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Services Advertising Strategies

The word advertising is derived from
two Latin Words Ad and Verto.
Ad towards
Verto I turn
Literally it means to turn the peoples
attention to a specific thing.

Advertising is any form of paid nonpersonal presentation of ideas,
goods, or services for the purpose of
inducing people to buy.


differentiate the product from

their competitors
To communicate product
To urge product used

To increase brand preference and

To reduce overall sales cost
Creates new demands

Incorporeal existence
Physical Representation
Show physical components of service that
are unique, indicate high quality and create
the right association.

System Documentation
Objectively document physical system capacity by showing facts
and figures

Performance Documentation
Document and cite past positive performance statistics

Service Performance Episode

Present a vivid story of an actual service delivery incident that
relates to an important service attribute

Service consumption Episode
Capture and display typical customers
benefiting from the service, evoking particular

Performance Documentation
Cite independently audited performance

Consumption documentation
Obtain and present customer testimonial

Service process Episode
Present a vivid documentary on step by step
service process

Case history episode

Present an actual case history of what the
firm did for a specific client

Guidelines for Services advertising

1. Target Employees as well as cutomers
2. Captalize on word-of-moth i.e by using
3. Provide tangible cues about the service
4. Make the service more easily understood
5. Promise what is possible i.e. do not exaggerate
6. Provide continuity over time

The use of humor in advertising

changes in the publics taste, attitudes and values have
led to wider use and acceptance of humorous
Serious studies on humor suggest that the nature of the
product, the medium, target audience factors, the
communication goal, the type of message and the
placement of the message all influence cognitive,
affective, and behavioral responses of consumers in the

Sense of humor is multidimensional

it contains at least the following six dimensions:
1 Humor production.
2 A sense of playfulness
3 The ability to use humor to achieve social goals
4 Personal recognition of humor
5 Appreciation of humor; and
6 Use of humor as an adaptive mechanism

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