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ChE 400 : Thesis

What? and How?

A taste of research in a limited form
A training on how to conduct
A privilege and an opportunity to
carry out a research under the
guidance of a competent supervisor

With an aim to balance between
students needs and supervisors

Thesis groups : 30
Supervisors: 15
Student distribution:

Options and lottery


Six credit hours-two terms

Depends mostly on students
ability to articulate
Marks distribution
continuous assessment by the supervisor
written report

Typical Student-Supervisor
Dynamics 1

Student running after supervisor

Serious student
Lazy student

Typical Student-Supervisor
Dynamics 2

Supervisor running after student

Very smart student
Lazy student

Typical Student-Supervisor
Dynamics 3

Supervisor and student do not see

each other

Student is a genius
Student is hopeless

Prof. Iqbal Mahmud

Areas of interests:
Versatile: ranging from corrosion
engineering to solid waste

Prof. Dil Afroza Begum

Areas of interest:

Oil & Gas Processing
Air & Water Pollution

Projects with BCSIR: Experimental

Composite material using local

fiber/polymer reinforcement
Inorganic pigment for glass and ceramics

Prof. Ijaz Hossain

Energy management /Energy Efficiency

Biomass combustion and efficiency improvement
Soil fertility
Improvement in brick making /Properties of
GHG mitigation
Pollution abatement in industries
Plastics waste management /Plastics
degradation due to recycling

Sirajul Haque Khan

Area of Interests: resource recovery from waste
Past projects
Lead recovery from old car batteries
Zinc recovery from old dry cell batteries
Chromium removal from tannery waste
Recycling of used lubricating oil
Plastics waste recycling
Future projects
Fuel oil from plastics waste
Use of rice husk ash
Recycling of used lubricating oil

Prof. Syeda Sultana Razia

Distillation Efficiency/ bubble column studies

(analytical modeling and experiment)
Process Safety
Plant layout optimization based on safety and
Hazard Evaluation/ Risk analysis of a chemical
Fire Safety
Process plant ( i.e. refinery)/Garments factory
Residential and commercial building
Enhancement of pool boiling heat transfer
Manufacturing of low cost Activated carbon for water
treatment ( Experiment)

Prof. M.A.A. Shoukat


Controller Performance Assessment

Fault Detection and Diagnosis
Equipment Condition Monitoring
Dispersion Modeling of Air Pollution
Dispersion Modeling of Accidental Release of Toxic
Water Pollution
Energy Auditing
Energy / Green House Gas Modeling
Any Chemical Engineering or automation related

Pupils who like programming in MATLAB

or any other software are encouraged to
work in the above areas

Dr. Ruhul Amin

Areas of interest: Polymer, Process Simulation
and Environment
Study of Process Parameters for Improving Viscosity of
Waste PET Bottles
Guti Big-Sized Spherical) Urea Production Techniques
and Study of Process Parameter

Md. Mominur Rahman

Research Interest: Energy and Environment
Low carbon stabilized earth block: An alternative building block for
sustainable environment
Pulp production from non-wood waste biomass for sustainable
Separation of heavy metal from water using bio-sorption process with
fish scale
Wastewater treatment options for textile industries and paper mills
based on treatability analysis and usability of solid waste produced
Synthesis of nitrogen based fertilizer from waste human hair
Design and performance evaluation of energy efficient mud built
Monitoring and characterization of PM10 air-borne particulate matter
in BUET campus
Eco-friendly jute processing in Bangladesh
Classification and ranking of various coals based on proximate analysis
Emission of Green House Gases from municipal solid waste in Dhaka

Dr. Shoeb Ahmed

Research Interests:
Biochemical & Bioprocess Engineering,
Quantitative and Environmental Biotechnology

Research Projects: (3 projects will be selected)

Identification and experimental assessment of antibacterial property of

natural bio-preservatives

Development of efficient, yet inexpensive grey-water treatment method

applicable for future urban housing

Application of biological and medical image analysis for early detection of

fatal diseases

Modeling of stationary air pollution sources to assess ambient air quality


Proximate and Ultimate analysis of conventional biomasses for future

energy and industrial applications

Dr. Md Tanvir Sowgath

Computer Aided Design

Intelligent Safety Management model development for Chemical Process

Alarm Management
Study of Industrial Scale Fertilizer production in Bangladesh using Process
Study of Industrial Scale Gas Processing production in Bangladesh using
Process Simulator
Study of Industrial Scale Refinery Processing production in Bangladesh
using Process Simulator
Analysis of Chemical Engineering Phenomenon using Computational Fluid
Modeling, Dynamic Simulation and MINLP Optimization Study of
Desalination process


Low cost water treatment techniques development for Bangladesh

Dr. Kazi Bayzid Kabir

Research Interests:
Pyrolysis and gasification of coal/biomass
Mathematical modelling of thermal processes
Catalyst development for coal/biomass to liquid (Fischer Tropsch
Liquid, Methanol and DME)
Life cycle analysis
Tentative thesis projects:
Development of solid acid catalysts for methanol to DME
Environmental impact assessment of local and imported coals
Life cycle analysis of single step and two-step DME synthesis
from syn gas

Dr. Nahid Sanzida

Research interests

Batch process control, run to run control (ILC),

Operating data based process modeling and
control (Computer simulation/linear
model/nonlinear models).
Water pollution control related topic.

Dr. Iqbal Hossain

Research experience and interest :

Industrial Innovative Application of Indigenous Materials

Digital Image Processing and Analysis
Hydrodynamics and Kinetics in Multi-Phase Flow Systems

Hydrodynamics Measurement Techniques

Surface Phenomena

Multi-Phase Flow Reactors

Gas-to-Liquid Technology

Dr. Easir Arafat Khan

Production, characterization and application of activated

Determination of aerobic biodegradability of polymeric
materials in an aqueous medium by measuring of
evolved carbon dioxide.
Assessment of Emission inventory of air pollutant using
GIS based information
Application of air pollution dispersion modelling for
source contribution

Dr. Mohidus Samad Khan

Health: 1. Computational analysis of Radio frequency thermal

ablation of tissue
2. Developing and Characterizing Anti-bacterial Paper
3. Low Cost Detection of Biomarkers from Bio-fluids
Food: 1. Detection of Toxins and Chemicals in food items
2. Nutrition value analysis of chemically adulterated foods
Bioprocess and Biofuel:1. Biofuel Production From Biomass
2. Algal Biodiesel Production in Bangladesh
Environment: 1. Industrial Waste Management
2. Electronic Waste Management
3. Hospital Waste Management

Selection of Supervisor

Check the research interests

Meet the teachers if needed
Submit your choices

Ongoing projects and high CGPA will

get priority