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Aamir Firoz Shamsi [BBA 6]

In 1958, there was a mens apparel manufacturing
Top management wanted to changeover from batch
process to the continuous flow process.
Despite good labor-management relations, there
was a long history of resistance to change.
There were 800 employees in three plants.
Question: How a strategy is developed and

Participation is NOT

Participation IS

Need for Participation

An effective participative program must
be based on a philosophy that the
input of employees can contribute to
the effectiveness of an organization,
as well as achieve quality of work life
and personal satisfaction for the

Participation and Decision Making

There are four approaches.
1. The manager decides without any input and
informs subordinates of the decision
2. The manager asks for input from subordinates
(either individually or as group), considers the
input, then decides and informs subordinates of
the decision.
3. The manager conducts a problem-solving
conference with subordinates to reach a consensus
on the decision.
4. The manager empowers the subordinates to make
the decision.
Question: Which approach is the best one.

When of Participation
Assumption is you have decided to make a radical
change in your department:
A.From the beginning, tell your subordinates some of
your thoughts including the need for the change
and get their reactions.
B.Make a tentative plan and ask your subordinates
for their reactions and comments.
C.Prepare a final plan and sell it to your
subordinates by explaining the need for the change
and how you arrive at the final plan.
Question: Which alternative gets more input?

Cautions to Consider
Participation management is not a panacea for
solving all problems and for making everybody
Participation is something that the top orders the
middle to do for the bottom.
This approach will certainly fail.
While Nissan establishing a plant in US, top
management stated that they will get rid of any
manager who does not believe and practice the
company philosophy of participative management.
This becomes an important criterion in both
selection and promotion.

Cautions to Consider

The question of whether participation should

be voluntary or mandatory must be
carefully considered.

Cautions to Consider
People vary in their desire to participate.

Read the case and present as per following
Background of Case
Problem Identification
Change Methodology
Implementation Strategy