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Human beings are a resource to an organization. Like another resource
they represent an investment whose development and utilization require
proper managing. There is a fundamental trust the people are
organizations most important assets.
Performance results from the interaction of physical, financial
and human resource. The first two are inanimate; they are translated
into productivity only when human element is introduced. In dealing
with employees, however an intangible factor of will, violence or
freedom of choice is introduced, and workers can increase or decrease
their productivity as they choose. This human quality gives rise to need
for motivation.
Motivation is one of the most important factors affecting human
behavior. Motivation not only affects other factors like perception and
Learning but also affect the total performance of an individual in
organizational setting. This is the reason why managers attach great
importance to motivation in an organization.

To analyze and examine the effectiveness of

Motivation Programmes in SYNDICATE BANK

To study the effect of monetary and nonmonetary benefits provided by the
organization on the employees performance.
To study the effect of job promotions on
To study the employees opinion on the
Motivation in SYNDICATE BANK

Sources of Information:
The data were collected through Primary and secondary sources.
Primary Source:
The primary sources are discussion with employees, datas collected through
Secondary Source:
The secondary data mainly consists of data and information collected from
records, companywebsites and also discussion with the management of the
organization. Secondary data was also collected from journals, magazines and
Sample Design
A sample design is a finite plan for obtaining a sample from a given population.
Random sampling is used for this study.
Sample Size
Number of the sampling units selected from the population is called the size of the
sample. Sample of 50 respondents were obtained from the population.

McClellands Achievement Need

Need for Achievement (n Ach):

This need is the strongest and lasting motivating factor. Particularly in

case of persons who satisfy the other needs. They are constantly pre
occupied with a desire for improvement and lack for situation in which
successful outcomes are directly correlated with their efforts. They set
more difficult but achievable goals for themselves because success
with easily achievable goals hardly provides a sense of achievement.
Need for Power (n Pow):
It is the desire to control the behavior of the other people and to
manipulate the surroundings. Power motivations positive applications
results in domestic leadership style, while it negative application tends
autocratic style.
Need for affiliation (n Aff):
It is the related to social needs and creates friendship. This results in
formation of informal groups or social circle.

Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of

human needs
Human beings have wants and desires which

influence their behavior; only unsatisfied needs

can influence behavior, satisfied needs cannot.
Since needs are many, they are arranged in order
of importance, from the basic to the complex.
The person advances to the next level of needs
only after the lower Level need is at least
minimally satisfied.
The further the progress up the hierarchy, the
more individuality, humanness and psychological
health a person will show.

Types of motivation
1. Positive motivation.
2. Negative motivation.
.Positive motivation is a process of attempting to

influence others to do your will through the possibility

of gain or reward. Incentive motivation is the pull
.Negative motivation or fear motivation is based

force or fear. Fear causes person to act in a certain way

because they are afraid of the consequences if they
dont Fear motivation is the push mechanism.

Basic principles to remember by

manager for motivating employees
Motivating employees starts with motivating yourself
Always work to align goals of the organization with goals of

Key to support the motivation of your employees
understands what motivates each of them.
Recognize that supporting employees motivation is a
process, not a task.
Support employees policies by using motivation by
organization systems.
Worker motivation must also be viewed from 2

Inner drive
Outer (external) motivators.

The study concludes that, the motivational program
procedure in SYNDICATE BANK is found effective but not
highly effective. The study on employee motivation
highlighted so many factors which will help to motivate
the employees. The study was conducted among 50
employees and collected information through structured
questionnaire. The Study helped to findings, which were
related with employee motivational, programs which are
provided in the organization.
The performance appraisal activities really play a major
role in motivating the employees of the organization. It is
a major factor that makes an employee feels good in his
work and results in his satisfaction too.