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We are going to make the colleges related website which will

provide all information regarding our colleges. Now it is of vital
thing in present scenario of any college where student can get all
information before taking admission. This site provides the all
information like student can easily get all information regarding
their syllabus, especially for the training and placement since it is
difficult to get the students informed during the campus so all the
students can easily get information. There is also facility for the
faculty members, they can easily give all the answer of students
question and can give their solution of problem.

In this website we include so many contents like Menu, Home

where you can simply get the information about introduction,
contacts, and user can ask any question related to college, Student
login , training and placement regarding options are also available.
Student can get about information about college and they can plan
for news and events of college. Student can download scheme and
syllabus of their related branch. In front page you can see
important notices. And in this website also helps for staff login.
Here, student can also get all the information regarding Library,
where student can have the books which are available at college
with their subject writers and can also get all latest information
and activity which are done at the college.

In previous website it has old photos and it doesnt display the

important notices. And also not have email option for any query
regarding the College. It doesnt helps to upload upcoming
company events in training and placements of College and the old
websites cannot upload the faculty details of new facultys. It was
static website and doesnt have student , faculty and admin login
form as well as registration form.

College Website is a full-featured website designed specifically for

planning, managing, and scheduling Colleges important notices.
In contact us section it have email us option for the users. And
also have syllabus section to download the syllabus of their
related branches. It has news & events section for know the
activities which are organize in College. It also have FAQs i.e.,
Frequently Asked Questions for College information. It is
dynamic website and contains like student login , student
registration form , faculty login and admin login to maintain
database. It also have quick links like admission procedures ,
tenders , students scholarship and faculty details. The main
objective is user convenience which provides easy user interface,
simple processing, and easy to use website.

At Home Page this site can provide Important Notice

information for MJP Govt. Polytechnic College.
When you click on Hyperlink you can get
Information about Result , Academic calendar , etc.
In this page this site also provides student login form
for students.
And if the user is new user then click on register new
user hyperlink.

This section provide information like college

location information , college history and also
provide information about college branches.

This section displays the photos of College


This section provides 7 branches information and it is help to

know new students about their related branches. The 7 branches
are followings:Computer Science and Engineering.
Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.
Mechanical Engineering.
Electrical Engineering.
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Engineering.
Civil Engineering.
Modern Office Management.

This section provides the old memories for staff

members and students.

This section provide information regarding news

and events of MJP Govt. Polytechnic College.

This section provides previous placement related

And for upcoming placements and students can
provide their names to companies and when they
will click on company name the career page of
the company will display.

In this section students can download syllabus of

their related branches.

In this section we store the information about

student in our database.
After register the page you can use our website.

In this section the admin will be control the

website to modification on the database table.

In this section we provide faculty login in our

And if they are new user then click on register
new user hyperlink.

In this section we store the information about

faculty in our database.
After register the page you can use our website.

In this section we provided facilities

information's like workshop , audio visual hall ,
open auditorium , gymnasium and libraries.

In this section we can provide address to contact

And also we provide e-mail facility for query
regarding our College purpose only.

In this section it will help to contact our faculties

for the students queries.
And in this the email will use as a hyperlink in
which it goes on contact.aspx page to sending an
message on Email Us option.

In this section it will help to take admissions

process in our College.
And also help to know the procedures about
various kind of information's regarding our

In this section it will modified their fields like

serial no. , student name , attendance and class
And also it have change password option.

In this section it will modified their fields like

student roll no. , student name , assignment one ,
assignment two , test one and test two.
And also it have change password option.

In this section it will control all pages by the help

of admin.
In these it is divided in two parts :

A College Website is a cache where information

is gathered from different links. This is easy to
access and sufficient for user to maintain their
time management.

In future this website can conduct online

In future users can download e-books.
In future this website can provide online tutorials

1. ASP.NET Unleashed, Second Edition

- By Stephen Walther
2. ASP.NET In 60 Minutes A Day
- By Glenn Johnson