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Fiinovation, Fiinovation Delhi

A recent report suggests that India is the poorest

performer in terms of health among the BRICS countries.

Fiinovation comprehends that India has failed to ensure

that its citizens are disease free and there is access to
healthcare facilities for them.

There has been a significant change in the way healthcare

is being percieved.

The citizens of this country require assurance of health

coverage for all to reduce the per capita expenditure and
increase productivity.

Experts complains that healthcare expenditure is rising year

after year and there is no protection for the citizens against
financial risks linked with health expenditures.

Comparing India with other BRICS nations suggests that there

is lot of opportunities in the healthcare sector and with
investments India would be able to save millions from dying
in the years to come.

Fiinovation believes that the rising healthcare costs is acting

counter productive and pushing millions back into poverty.

There needs to be safety nets for the poorer families helping

them have access to healthcare facilities.

In order to provide healthcare facilities to all its citizens, India

needs to develop adequate infrastructure along with
technological advancements to safeguard lives.

The nation keeps witnessing incidents of mother giving birth on

floors, patients being treated by sweepers, patient deaths due
to electrical failure etc.

These incidences are stark reminder of the urgent need of

improvement in the whole healthcare system.

Fiinovation reviews that every year India loses many children

due to lack of immunization, deadly diseases and malnutrition.
The Indian government must take cognizance of these and
increase healthcare expenditure to save more people.

Fiinovation understands that the total expenditure on

health in India has reduced from 4.5 percent of GDP in
2004-05 to 4 per cent in 2013-14.

This means that there is an increased burden on the

citizens who are already victims of high out-of-pocket
healthcare expenditures and poor quality of care.

Also, its not as if a small amount of people are deprived,

rather a large proportion of the population is
improverished, which is disturbing.

There is an urgent need to increase the availability of doctors

and hospitals in this country.

The private sector can play a critical role by pouring in


Even through CSR, the companies can help provide access to

better healthcare to the marginalised sections of the society.

Some of the important issues that can be addressed by CSR is

100 percent immunization and 100 percent institutional

This two can bring about a dramatic change and reduce the
number of IMR, MMR rates in India.