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Fiinovation Reviews a Requirement of

A Trillion Dollars by 2030 by India to

Adapt To Climatic Changes
Fiinovation, Fiinovation India

Fiinovation 'Climate finance' as a significant point of

discussion at the Paris Summit 2015.

India has foresightedly invited investments from developed

nations to adopt and promote technological advancements
in developing nations.

Fiinovation India's requirement of $360 billion to adhere to

climatic change in the upcoming 15 years.

India may also need a sum of $1 trillion to cover

expenditure on technological & institutional development
and capacity building of the same.

Fiinovation rising temperature, deceasing precipitation in

monsoon and frequent drought conditions have been
incessant in India.

The extreme mis-happenings in the world projects

deterioration of global weather conditions.

The major objective at the Paris Climate Summit 2015 is to

have a consensus on taking suitable actions to pacify
emission of carbon leading to limiting atmospherical
warming to 2 degree celcius above the defined preindustrial level.

Fiinovation the rate of successful reduction of emissions will

pressurize world citizens to accomodate to the rising sea levels
and other negative impacts.

Fiinovation the unfavorable conditions arising out of the

changing climate demands crucial corrective action to be
taken against it.

Fiinovation India is unpreparedness to handle an extreme

condition that may occur.

Fiinovation, the increasing extremities of weather conditions

require a greater amount of money to manage agriculture,
public health, water resources and other infrastructures.

On considering the severity of of the situation, Fiinovation a

four-fold inflation in India's budget during the past decade.

India's budget for 2014-15 has added to 33 billion dollars

which is approximately 2 percent of India's GDP.

Fiinovation that newly established National adaptation fund

has been linked to 21 government schemes.

The 55.6 million dollar adaptation fund is aimed at

addressing to requirements of various sectors.

The adaptation fund is further segregated under state

governments under state action plans.

Fiinovation that the requirement of the funds is not less

than three times the existing fund.

Fiinovation the requirement of funds in India to a total of

$168 billion by 2030.

About 83 % of this amount is needed to accelarate the

agricultural systems in severe weather conditions.

Fiinovation the allocated budget for adaptation activities

add upto 92 billion dollars.

Fiinovation the loss from weather disasters in India adds

upto $5-6 billion.

According to Fiinovation, with transition towards increasing

climatic risk, an increase in adaptation fund is preconditioned to reach $360 billion by 2030.

Fiinovation that at present, there is an increased need for

India to adapt technology from the west.

The technologies from the western countries as smart

practices that can be adapted in lesser time span.

Flood proofing, floating agricultural systems, electric

vehicles and smart grids are a few examples of adaptable

These along with knowledge and capacity building could

add upto a total of a trillion dollars.

Fiinovation the Paris summit as a opportunity from

negotiators from India to find investors from the developed
nations to consumate India's financial responsibility.