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Paper Presentation On

Farmers' suicides

Presented By

Mr. Sahil Gothe Mr. Shrunay Dhage

Mr. Amar Dhok Mr. Shubham Bhone
Mr. Akash Thomare Mr. Pavan Sorte
1st Year Diploma in Mechanical


Mrs. S.S. Charjan
Lect. Mechanical Engg. Dept..

Government Polytechnic Arvi, Dist Wardha


India is an agrarian country with around 60% of its people

depending directly or indirectly upon agriculture. Farmer suicides
account for 11.2% of all suicides in India.
Farmer suicide in India is the intentional ending of one's life by a
person dependent on farming as their primary source of livelihood.
In 2012, the National Crime Records Bureau of India reported
13,754 farmer suicides.

conflicting reasons for

farmer suicides

Monsoon failure,
High debt burdens,
Government policies,
Public mental health,
Personal issues and family problems.

Over dependence on the monsoons

Break down in the

meteorological cycle
of rainfall.
93% of area under
dry land farming.
Which means, totally
dependent on the

Lack of proper irrigation

98% of farmers having committed

suicides had absolutely no irrigation

Indebtedness & Related factors

Out of 17.64 Lakh farmers only (25.3%) farmers

could avail institutional finance in 2005-06.
Private money lenders charge high interest rates
between 48-60% p.a.
Higher rate of interest in the cooperative credit
system e.g. up to 12.5% to 14% till last year.
cooperative sector brought down their interest rates
to 7%, even then the farmers are taking loans from
the private individuals.

Expensive technologies

It is too risky to adopt expensive


General Information

Vidarbha remains a grim statistic.

One suicide in every eight hours.
More than half of those who
committed suicide were between 20
and 45
In Maharashtra alone, there was one
suicide every three hours.

In India

Responses to farmers'
The government appointed a number of inquiries to look into
the causes of farmers suicide and farm related distress in
general. Krishak Ayog (National Farmer Commission) visited
all suicide prone farming regions of India, then in 2006
published three reports with its recommendations.
2006 relief package
the Government of India identified 31 districts in
the four states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra,
Karnataka, and Kerala with high relative incidence
of farmers suicides. A special rehabilitation
package was launched to mitigate the distress of
these farmers. The package provided debt relief
to farmers, improved supply of institutional credit,
improved irrigation facilities


Suicide rates among Indian farmers were a

chilling 47 per cent higher than they were for the
rest of the population in 2011. In some of the
States worst hit by the agrarian crisis, they were
well over 100 per cent higher.
Five States account for two-thirds of all farm
suicides in the country, as NCRB data show.
These are Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh,
Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.
The share of these Big 5 in total farm suicides
was higher in 2011 than it was in 2001.