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Presented By
Punit Shah
Malcolm Dsouza
Rahul Hanumante
Urvesh Vyas
Rishone Coelho

What is Motivation?
Motivation is to empower your employees and set
them on track to achieve the organisational goals.

Morale-Building Factors
Good pay
Job security
Promotion and growth
Good working conditions
Full appreciation of work done

Dominos Pizza

Get creative about rewards and incentives

Birthday celebration


The relaxed, creative and fun environment
psychologically benefits Googles employees while
giving Google the benefit of a more motivated,
dedicated andproductiveworkforce.
Perks and Benefits:
Reimbursement for legal expenses
On-site car wash, massage therapy and hair stylist
Theres an onsite doctor and free fitness centre
Lunch and dinner is available free of charge
Maternity benefits of a maximum of 18 weeks off at about
100 percent pay.

Google allows employees to spend twenty percent
of their time to work on their own projects.
The company hosts employee forums on all
Fridays where there is an examination of the 20
most asked questions.
Employees are encouraged to approach tasks in
their own unique way instead of being trained


Wall of fame- monthly

Free gym , Swimming pool
Free Calling on Mobile among employee
Zero balance salary account
ATM in Office premises
Free Medical camps
Yearly award
Discount Coupons of Raymond


I know what it is like to have needs. When a
worker is happy he can do anything at all for you.
Savjibhai Dholakia (Founder & Chairman)



They evaluated employees performance.

They selected 1,268 such employees.
Rs.4 lakhs per employee was given to them.
Gifted car, flats and jewellery.


They have gyms in their office.
They also conduct family programmes.
They also have the freedom to meet the
management with suggestions and share it.

Taj Hotel
Recognizing employees who performed well
and promoting them to higher levels.
Parameters like honesty, team spirit, cooperation, concern for environment.
Assessed not only on performance but also on
personal qualities
Does not focus on the right people but also
the right attitude.
ERR highest in the hospitality industry.

Taj Hotel- Employee Benefit

Promotion on strictly on merit and not on
Taj provides employees with housing facilities.
Taj provides uniform to all its employees.
Provides free meals to employees.
New employees can become permanent before 12
months depending on performance.
Certificate along with cash incentives.