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Near Infrared Camouflage

• The NIR region of the spectrum covers the wavelength range from
0.7–2.0 µm, although current camouflage requirements concentrate
on the 0.7–1.2 µm range. In this region objects are still ‘seen’ by

•The military camouflage threat is posed by imaging devices which

amplify low levels of light, including moonlight and starlight, which
go under the generic name of image intensifiers. These can be in the
form of monoculars, binoculars, or low-light television systems.

•Modern image intensifiers use micro channel plates (MCP)

technology, and gallium arsenide photo cathodes. They tend to
operate in the range from 0.7–1.0 µm
Dyes for Infrared Camouflage
• Cellulosic fibres and blends thereof have been successfully dyed
with a selected range of vat dyes which have large conjugated
systems of aromatic rings.
• Vat dyes and sulphur dyes also exhibit NIR control