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Fatin NOOr Afifah Afif bt Dasuky
2 Pluto
Hospital Tengku Anis
Juice Oren and apple
Tom yam
Wan Ruhani bt.Wan Ramli
2 Pluto
11 February 1995
Hospital Besar Kota Bharu
Nasi Goreng Cina
Juice karod Susu
Black, white, Blue and red
Nik Nur Rasyidah bt. Nik Adnan
12 October 1995
2 Pluto
kampung Saring
Juice Oren and apple
purple, green, white and red
Maziah Kartini bt Zulkifli
2 Pluto
28 julai 1995
Laksa Pinang
Juice karod
114 Kg.Kelubi , Jalan K. Bharu
16800 Pasir Puteh, Kelantan.
Ireland’s potato people harvest was terribly destroyed in 1840’s by
a plant disease by the fungus Phytophtora brought from America.
Farmers suffered as they had been growing potatoes for the past
200 years for food and many people starved to death. It was know
as ‘The Great Hunger’

This novel portrays the hardship they endured and how many
people had to flee to America and other countries in the hope
findings a better life. Patrick and Marie were among those who
managed to emigrate and achieve their ambition. We can also see
hoe the people can be so cruel and take advantage of the hardship
of others, not forgetting those poor people wo made sacrifices for
Patrick Flynne
-He was an orphan boy. He was a responsible guy because he
opted to be the look-out guy for his village.
-Among his good traits was making friends. He made friends
with Peter and Marie easily.
-He was generous. He shared his bread with Marie and
accompanied her to America.
-He was a loyal friends for he tried to rush to Sean's aid.
Lord Francis Egham

-lord Egham lived in London and has

only been to Ireland once in his whole
life. For him, Ireland was a dark and
mysterious as Africa, and the people
were a strange and savage race, not
much better than apes.

-Already Mr. Graystone has flattened

three nearby village and driven the
people off. Some landowners were
paying the people to move of the land
but lord Egham was not one of them.
The story is set in
Ireland in the mid-
nineteenth century.
Potato was the staple
food of the Irish people.
However, a plant disease
destroyed the entire
Irish potato harvest in
 Next morning, Patrick and Marie were on the road to cork
.they passed through agricultural land which was guarded by
 The wheat and corn were going to be shipped to England and
France where people still had money to buy.
 When they reached the port town of cork, they saw it was
packed with people all over Ireland. Patrick saw an old lady
kissing the ground before sailing on a ship.
 The night , after having their “dinner” , they heard the sound
of gunfire.
 Soldiers were there to prevent the people from making any
trouble. The people were desperate for food. They wanted to
get the food from the warehouse.
 Soldiers on horsebacks came and cut through the crowd with
their sabres.
 Patrick took Marie away and calmed her down.
 Question c (paper 2)
 The theme of courage is portrayed in the novel
potato people. Sean was brave for waiting to
defend his village of skullgoragh when Mr.
oswald grays tone came to burn down the
village. To get the money for the ship fare, he
stole Mr. grays tone’s money after killing him.
Then he handed over the money to Patrick
Flynne. In America, Patrick's showed courage.
He joined the union army and fought
courageously against slavery. For his bravery,
he was promoted to the rank of captain.

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