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plak eritem, batas tegas, bentuk
bervariasi, multipel, dengan skuama
putih lebar.

siku: plak eritem batas tegas dg skuama putih tebal.

Acne In this case of papulopustular acne the eruption was more acute and therefore the
lesions are more monomorphous.
Almost all lesions are pustular and on the left cheek are transforming into cystic lesions.
Wajah : komedo, papul eritem, pustul, multipel, diskret.

ACNE Papulopustular acne in a teenager that is transforming into

cystic acne. Note that lesions are larger, they coalesce and as
pustules rupture they become crusted.
Wajah : komedo, papul eritem, pustul, nodul eritem, multipel.

Irritant contact dermatitis of hand, acute: kerosene This airport

worker had repeatedly spilled kerosene over his
hands and developed acute bullous and extremely painful ICD 24 h later.
Telapak tangan kanan: vesikel dan bula dengan dasar eritem, multipel.

Atopic dermatitis: infantile-type Papular lesions on the lower

extremity with oozing erosions in the popliteal fossa.
Paha & fossa poplitea: patch eritem, batas tidak tegas dg

Childhood atopic dermatitis. A typical localization of atopic dermatitis in children is the

region around the mouth. In
this child there is lichenification and fissuring.
Perioral : (patch) eritem, batas tidak tegas dg fissura dan likenifikasi, tampak beberapa

Seborrheic dermatitis of scalp: infantile-type Erythema and yellow-orange

scales and crust on the scalp of an
infant ("cradle cap"). Eczematous lesions are also present on the arms and trunk.
Kepala : (patch) eritem dengan krusta tebal kekuningan.

Tinea cruris Confluent, erythematous, scaling plaques on the medial thighs,

inguinal folds, and pubic area. The
margins are slightly raised and sharply marginated. Erythrasma should be ruled out by
Wood's lamp examination.
Inguinal & perineum : patch eritem batas tegas, sebagian dg skuama putih kecil.

Tinea corporis Inflammatory annular plaques, becoming confluent on the medial

thigh. This type of inflammatory
lesion is seen with zoophilic dermatophytic infection and with topical glucocorticoid use.
Paha bagian medial : patch eritem batas tegas, multipel sebagian konfluen membentuk
polisiklik, bagian tepi lbh eritem.

Tinea corporis: chronic Sharply marginated, hyperpigmented plaques of many months'

duration on the back,
buttocks, and thighs. The lesions have a psoriasiform appearance. Associated tinea cruris and tinea
pedis are usually present.
Pantat & pinggang bawah : patch hiperpigmnetasi, batas tegas polisiklik, dengan skuama puih tipis.

Cutaneous candidiasis: interdigital intertrigo Erythematous eroded webspace

of the hand; several other
webspaces were also involved in this elderly, obese, diabetic female.
Sela jari : erosi dg peusomembran.

Pityriasis versicolor Multiple, small-to-medium-sized, well-demarcated

hypopigmented macules on the back of a
tanned individual with white skin.
Punggung : makua & patch hipopigmentasi, dengan skuama halus, multipel, diskret .

Impetigo: S. aureus Crusted erythematous erosions becoming confluent on the

nose, cheek, lips, and chin in a child with nasal carriage of S. aureus and mild
Perioral & nasal : erosi dg krusta kekuningan, mutiple.

Bullous impetigo: S. aureus Scattered, discrete, intact thin-walled blisters on the thigh of
a child; lesions in the groin have ruptured, resulting in vesikel dan bula dengan dasar
eritem, sebgain tampak erosi, multipel, diskret.

Ecthyma: S. aureus A large, circumscribed chronic ulcer with surrounding erythema in

the pretibial region.
Tibia naterior: ulkus dengan kulit sekitar eritem, tepi ireguler, dg pustulasi dan krusta

Erysipelas of leg: S. aureus The lower leg is red, hot, tender, and edematous.
Erythematous plaque is well defined. The infection is recurrent with interdigital
tinea pedis
as the portal of entry.
Tungkai kiri: (patch) eritem batas tegas, nyeri tekan, perabaan hangat.

Leprosy: borderline-type Annular tan-pink plaque on the neck with similar lesion
on the adjacent cheek. Peripheral sensory nerves were palpable on the neck.
(Courtesy of
Atul Taneja, MD.)
plak eritem bentuk anular,

Verruca vulgaris: periungual Hyperkeratotic papules located periungually on the dorsum of a

finger. Similar lesions
were present on all fingers of both hands. All modalities of therapy had failed. The warts resolved with
of bleomycin. Note, black and brown dots.
Jari I: papul sewarna kulit, verukous, multipel berkelompok.

Herpes simplex virus infection: recurrent herpes labialis Grouped and

confluent vesicles with an erythematous
rim on the lips, 24 h after onset of symptoms.
Perioral : vesikel dan sebagian erosi, multipel, berkelompok.

Varicella-zoster virus infection: herpes zoster with cluster of grouped vesicles

Grouped and confluent
vesicles surrounding erythema on the chest wall.
Dada: vesikel dengan dasar eritem, berkelompok.